Thursday, June 23, 2011

Appointment updates...

Today we had 2 dr appointments.

One with Dr Nelson ( pediatrician)
One with Dr Goertz ( cardiologist)

First up was Dr. Nelson. Everything checked out wonderfully! She said that Mason was hitting all the milestone he should be for a "typical" child at this age. This isnt too hard to do at 2 months...but were happy he is doing great. He is still a little peanut. Here is his stats:

weight 9lbs 12oz (45th%)
height 22 inches (23rd%)
head circumference (48th%)
oxygen saturation 89
(down syndrome chart was used for these %)

Dr Nelson gave him a clean bill of health and said to see here again in 2mo.

Next came Dr. Goertz's appointment. Pretty simple appointment this time. Just a weight check & med adjustment. He said Mason heart sounded really loud. This means he has a lot more fluid around his heart. He adjusted his meds quite a bit (Mason has gained almost 1lb since last appt ) and said that should help his heart for a few weeks will we have to adjust again. Also they are "presenting" Masons case to the surgery panel after our appointment & echo on July 18th. After this is done we will schedule surgery for a few weeks after (1st or middle part of August) Im starting to feel the anxiety of the surgery coming soon. ...Praying All goes smoothly till surgery.

Now were off for a little weekend get away with the family...trying to enjoy some family time before the stress of surgery eats us all up

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  1. Good news! Hope that fluid goes away around his heart. Enjoy your family weekend!


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