Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cardio appt update

Mason had a cardiology check up yesterday afternoon. We were seen by Dr. Shroder ( she was our Dr. while we were at KU Med.)

Mason's Stats:
weight- 9lbs 2oz (Gaining weight WONDERFULLY) getting closer to our 11 lb goal for surgery!
Oxygen Saturation- 93 ( great for him!)

The rest of the appointment went wonderfully. She said Mason looked great, and was responding well to his meds. Actually she moved a dose down to 2x a day from 3. ( no more 1am meds!!!!) but then I got a bit of shocking news. Mason will need a procedure done before his surgery. He will need a catheter put in the artery in his thigh , and ran up to his heart, to measure the pressure in his lungs & his heart. We didn't realize he would need this but there is concern with his lungs. We cant do surgery if his lung pressure is too high. Also we were told that surgery might be moved up a as not to cause permanent lung damage.

I feel like were just starting down the "mending Mason's heart" road...but already I dont feel strong enough to handle it. Every aspect of heart surgery is truly upsetting and hard to handle. He is just so tiny. So small and fragile. And they have all these procedure they need to do to him and it seems we had to fight so hard to get him here....only to find out our next journey has just begun.

But we pray for peace and calmness as we begin this journey. We know Mason is a fighter....and we will fight for him as well! In the end ...we will look back and see all the difficulties we have overcame.


  1. I know a little boy with down syndrome who had the same thing...heart surgery when he was very tiny, and a lot of concern before and after he was born. He is just perfect and healthy today, and I know Mason will be, too. He is the sweetest little guy...God will give him, and you, strength to fight this fight. One day, Mason's little mended heart will be filled with love, and gratitude, I'm certain, for how hard you fought for him :)

  2. Heart surgery is absolutely terrifying. Kennedy's surgery was just scheduled, and I will tell you - it's a whole new rush of emotions and reality when that happens. I'm sorry that you guys will have to go through the catheter procedure. That's one I'm not familiar with, but thy also cautioned us about doing surgery sooner than later in order to avoid lung damage. It's so unfair that our sweet babies have to go through this, but they are strong and they are resilient. And as everyone tells me, this will be harder on us than on them. I try to focus on how wonderful life will be after surgery, when the stress and anxiety is behind us. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep Mason in my prayers.

  3. Surgery is such a terrifying thing. God has control of this, we just have to trust him and continue to pray.


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