Friday, September 21, 2012

Its been 1 year...

Tomorrow will be Mason's 1 year " New Hear" anniversary.
1 yr since we had to place our tiny baby into the arms of the Dr.s who were going to save his life.

1 yr since we clung to every update the nurse gave us ( praying that every update meant he was doing ok)

1 yr since we waited 8+ hours to see him after surgery.

1 yr since my sweet baby's heart was fixed.
Echo before surgery

 Pre - Battle Scar pics

To think back on that day ( or see the photos) is still very "raw".   Yes, we are a year post-opt.  Yes, he is doing well now...... but that day,  I handed over my baby, not knowing if he would come back to us.   To have to put all your trust into a Dr. who you have only met for 20 min,  its hard.   Everything was so un certain.  There were no guarantees that everything would be ok.  All we could do was hand him over, and pray. 

And boy did we pray! 

All prepped - waiting to hand him over

Our whole family and friends were there to help us through that day.  We very much needed them there.  Words can never express how important they were to us that day.   Always keeping our spirits up,  helping distract us when possible.   We all were praying for the same thing that day,  praying for our Mason. 

After we got the WONDERFUL news that Mason had made it through surgery, we finally got to go back and see him for the first time....

 I had this lump in my through before walking back to see him.....   I was so happy to see him, but I was trying to brace myself for what I was about to see......

(Warning!  Graphic pics below)

 First time we got to see him

 Med towers

 morning after

 opened his eyes for the first time( late 2nd day)

 All together we were in the hospital for 18 days.

Cory was able to stay with me the first 8 days, but the last 10 I had to do by myself.  It was the hardest thing I have done.   To be away from my husband, my son. while sitting beside Mason, fighting to recover. 

Finally getting to hold him!

We went into Mason's surgery thinking we would be heading home in 5 days... We were there 18.  Mason had just about every complication in the book......but you would never know it today.   

He is strong, and is such a fighter! 

So Mommy & Daddy say:

Happy New Heart Day 

Love you so much!


  1. This made me cry. Peyton's spinal surgery was no where near as complex as Mason's heart surgery and i'ts been just over a year (July) but It's entirely raw still. When she had her bladder surgery in Feb it got moved from the ambulatory center to the main hospital, the same floor where we had pre-op for her spinal surgery AND we were in the SAME prep room. She played with the same stupid toy & I was by myself and took everything I had not to lose it!

    One of our doctors told us that Peyton's appearance does not in anyway reflect what she has gone through (or we have been through with her!) and that is SO TRUE.

  2. Congratulations on this big, big occasion. Yes, it's not surprising that these memories are still raw. It's amazing what good work prayers can do. So happy to see the "now" picture!

  3. Wow this brought tears to my eyes and remembering praying for you all at that time. He is such an amazing little guy with a BIG heart!! I can't wiat to see what else he does because he has already changed so many lives just by living and doing what he does by smiling his way into everyone's hearts!! I am more blessed in my life to know him. He also some outstanding parents and family!!!
    <3 Dawn Z.

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