Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tomorrow will be busy .... And not in a good way

Tomorrow we will head to Kansas City, for a full day of dr appointments.

We will be leaving at around 6 am to make our way toward children's mercy hospital. Our first stop ( besides breakfast ) will be the down syndrome clinic. The down syndrome clinic is a several hour appointment to say the least. We basically sit in one room for several hours while different specialist rotate through your room ..... I'm talking like 8-10 specialist!! It gets overwhelming at times. The last time we were there was in oct of last year. ( shortly after masons open heart surgery. It was easy then because mason pretty much just slept and ate at that age ..... Well now mason is a mover and shaker! He is into everything! He wants down to run around and walk.... So 4 hrs of trying to contain a toddler ..... Please pray for us ;)

After the down syndrome clinic we will go to the endocrinologist , to see what we can do for Masons thyroid issues. ( his thyroid is elevated :(

We drive 30 min south to another appointment. This one is the optamologist to see about mason having eye surgery to correct 3 different issues going on... More on that later ....

Then finally we will load up and head back home . Mommy is just hoping for good news all around ... But I have a feeling were looking at at least 3 surgeries ......
Any prayer would be greatly appreciated.

This child is doing great with self feeding ..... If you can't tell!!!

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  1. Hope all of your appointments go smoothly. We kind of know what that is like, but not the 8-10 specialists. More like 3 to 4 for cardiology visits! What a big kid he is becoming!


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