Monday, April 4, 2011

1 step forward , 2 steps back...

Just when things were looking up....

I had an appointment with Dr. Evans today. The last sonogram we had, Mason looked great. We were all celebrating how well Mason was doing, and how "normal" the pregnancy was finally going.

Well fast forward to today.

I had a sonogram, cord check, growth scan, and a amnio reduction today. My fluid was up again and I have been so very ,very uncomfortable. As in I cant hardly breath sitting down or laying down. Well as we start the sonogram (laying down on my back), I start having trouble breath. As in, I was looking around for the oxygen mask. They measured my fluid and saw that it had increased again since last week. So then we prep for a amnio reduction. All was going well (as well as a huge needle in your uterus can go) then I started having troubles breathing again. I kept trying to take deep breaths but it wasn't working...finally..with the needle still in I got rolled over onto my side and continued to drain. I was finally able the catch my breath. We got off 750 (most we have gotten before was 500) so I now feel SO MUCH BETTER!!

Here our Masons "stats":

Head: Higher than 95th% (35wks 1 day)
Tummy: 90th % (34wks 6 days)
Arms & Legs : less than 5% (29wks)
Weight: 4lbs 9oz (chunker) 56th %

There is now a 6wk difference between Masons arms/legs & the rest of his body. They said it was common to have smaller limbs due to the down syndrome but they like it to stay above 10%. Well now were below 5%.

Masons cord pressure is elevated again. almost 4 ( it should be 2 ish... 4 is now in 95th% for pressure).

So now were "2 steps back". Just when we thought things were going so well. Thankfully we will be starting bi-weekly checks on Mason this week. Dr. Evans & Dr. Gleason will be keeping a very close eye on our little guy.

So today we pray that Mason continues to grown strong and make it a few weeks longer. Were not quite ready for him to make his debut just yet...

Also I wanted to ask for a few special prayers.... There is a couple that contacted me that has chosen to continue their pregnancy , even after receiving news that there little girl has cystic hygroma & turners syndrome. I pray God blesses them as he has blessed Mason. (Thank you again E for sharing your story with me.)


  1. Sending prayers!! Pretty scary how having excess fluid causes you health issues. I know Mason will come out healthy! Stay strong mama!

  2. I just want you to know that I think of you and pray for you often. we were on the second tri board together on the bump. I will also be praying for your friend who is continuing her pregnancy with a child with turner syndrome.

    at our 20 week scan we were informed that our daughter most likely had turner syndrome and unfortunately most likely would not survive due to the complications with turner syndrome. we chose to move forward with the pregnancy using hope and prayers. Unfortunately at 21 weeks and 4 days we lost our dear daughter Emily.

    I just want you to know that your family and Mason are always in my thoughts and prayers as will your friend.

  3. I check on your blog often and I always forget how far along you are... Anyhow, I'm so glad to know that Mason is doing well. I'm praying for him and I'll be praying for E's little girl, too - I just did!

  4. i've been thinking of you and mason and i will continue to pray for him! (i'm a bumpie but more of a lurker these days)
    i don't know who your friend is but i wanted to let you know that one of my cousins has Turner Syndrome and she lives a perfectly normal life. She won't be able to have her own biological children but other than that she has an amazing life. I will pray for your friends daughter as well!


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