Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 weeks...........


We are expecting our little Mason in 2 weeks now! We are getting all the final things needed for his arrival. I get so excited knowing he will be here soon and that he has made it this far! He truly is a fighter.

We had a special baby shower last weekend, it was perfect. It was all our close friends & family. I was so wonderful to celebrate Mr. Mason. Everyone is so excited to meet him...and that is one of my biggest worries... that people wont be excited to meet Mason, as they were for Colby. That people will treat him differently, or treat us differently because Mason has down syndrome.

Its been a rough few weeks dealing with all the emotions that I have been feeling, emotions that i haven't really addressed yet, but now I have to because Mason will be here soon.

I worry about the future with Mason,
If I will bond with Mason,
If people will treat him differently,
If we will lose friends,
If i will always feel that bit of sadness that Mason isnt like his "normal" brother Colby,
If Colby later regrets having a brother with a disability,
If we can handle all the therapy & surgeries ahead of us,
If life will ever be "normal" for us,
If Mason will be loved by everyone else.
If I can handle having to continually explaining that Mason has down syndrome,
If people will avoid us,
If people will think he is beautiful,

Sadly I cant answer any of these questions. This is where God steps in and calms my heart. All I know is that WE LOVE MASON, and that is all that matters right now.

Right now Cory & I have been praying for the strength to get through all of this. To be strong for our son, and to praise God for our blessings.


  1. SOME people will treat Mason differently, and you WILL lose some friends. Colby WILL occasionally feel ashamed of his brother, and life with a special needs child is never normal.

    However, the people and friends who treat him differently, or leave you completely weren't real friends to begin with, and you're better off without them.

    Being ashamed, and learning to work through those feelings will make Colby a better person. In the end, he will be Mason's biggest advocate and supporter.

    The schools I attended all my life just happened to be the schools that had the special needs programs in them. Those kids were amazing. Happy, expressive, loyal... Just fantastic people to be around. I also volunteered with a therapeutic horseback riding group for special needs kids and adults. Again, the experience was so positive.

    I've been following your story for the last few months, and I strongly believe that he was given to you for a reason - because you will be the best parents a child like him could ask for.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. That little boy is beautiful as is 100%. He is lucky to have a Mom and Dad that fight for him too:-)

  3. My son Noah works with Cory and he has shared bits and pieces of your journey with me over the last few months. We have been praying for your family and so have many of our friends. Your faith is amazing and humbling to me. We know that Mason is beautiful, we know that he is and will be loved by many, many people, and we know that he is blessed to have you and Cory for his mommy and daddy and Colby as his big brother! We can't wait to meet this little guy!

  4. I am 16. My mom and I have been following Mason for a while now. I remember getting so upset because you didn't think he would make it, i swear no woman should ever have to feel that way...but so, SO incredibly happy you gave him the chance to live anyway. It doesn't matter who thinks he's 'differant'...he is a person, and you let him live. I look at those ultrasound pictures, and I already know he's beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. :)

  5. How exciting!!! 2 weeks!!!!

    As for all the other stuff - let what will happen, happen. If you lose some friends - well they weren't really friends in the first place. If people treat him differently, that's their insecurity coming through. Try not to dwell on the negative (I know it's hard!!) - you have a true miracle coming into this world soon and he is already loved by so many!!

  6. I've been following your story for several months now (both here and on The Bump). I've said prayers for your family throughout your journey and I'm over-the-moon excited that you guys get to meet Mason in just a couple of weeks!

    As others have said, you can't control what's going to happen or how people will react to Mason. But what you CAN control is your reaction to those actions. The way you respond and the lessons you teach Colby about how special Mason is, will shape both of your boys. You have the opportunity to give both of them a great gift- a life of understanding, acceptance and patience. I can't think of better gifts to give our children!

    Good luck. I look forward to seeing pics of Baby Mason when he's finally "on the outside". :)


  7. Please read this blog if you haven't already. I love Nella's birthstory and how she found love with this family. It is beautiful.

  8. There's no "normal" life. It's just life. Is it full of unfairness & disappointments? Of course. There are constantly people around the corner that will try to bring your joy tumbling down. It's the way you react to your challenges/challengers that will define your life. You have to keep your head up & ignore any negativity that may come your way. Mason & Colby will both need to you to be that strength & example. Show them that just because someone may be "different" on paper, they are no different from you or me.

  9. I agree with Kerri..... My sister had a genius IQ, and she was "different" than most kids too, and having any child that is "different" scares us as parents. I have two children and God gives you as much love for that child as the both of you need. My kids are very different and need a different kind of love from me. Aren't we privileged that God gave us such a wonderful responsibility, and knows exactly what we need, and gives us everything we need. Blessings and love to your family.

  10. It's totally normal to worry Meagan, but don't let it distract you from enjoying every single moment. And as for those worries:

    that's normal ...
    absolutely ...
    maybe, but who cares ...
    a few, but they weren't really friends anyways ...
    yes, but those feelings are completely overshadowed by all the JOY he'll bring ...
    not once he understands ...
    yes ...
    yes ...
    no explanation needed :) ...
    some will, but most will be drawn to the pure beauty of Mason ...
    see above ;)

    Can't wait to meet your little angel!


  11. Anyone who steps out of your life because of Mason is not worth having in your life!


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