Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

Good Friday will always hold a special place in my heart, because Mason Dean was born last year on Good Friday. Though this year it is a few weeks ahead of his birthday, it still is a special day.

Right after Mason was born , My mom came into my recovery room. I hadnt even really gotten to see him yet since they had wisked him off to the NICU. I was still very groggy and was trying "wake up" as much as possible so I could go see him. My mom was telling me how beautiful he was, how much dark hair he had, how alert he was, and that everyone was in love with him already. Then the nurse was putting all of his birth info into the computer in my room ( weight, time, ect) and she said " oh a Good Friday baby". My mom and I looked at each other, without having to say a word, and with a tearful smile I said "that makes it perfect". Knowing God was showing you just how blessed we truly were.

Now this year we will celebrate this beautiful Easter weekend, ( not stuck in the hospital/NICU). We will put on our Easter outfits and head to Church. Praising God for all he has done.

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