Saturday, April 21, 2012


Dear Mason;

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet baby boy!

What a year this has been. This year has made me grow as mother and a person. I want to thank you for helping me become the best mother I could be. I cant lie and say this year hasnt been hard. It been the hardest year of my life, but its also been the best.

This year I fought for you. The Doctors told me that you wouldnt survive to birth. That you had to many complications. Your cystic hygroma was causing your body to shut down, your heart wasnt properly developed, and you had an extra chromosome. The day they told me all of this, I cried. My heart was broken. I couldn't imagine not having you survive. So we prayed.... everyone prayed. The Doctors gave you a 3% chance of survival , and that was just with the hygroma. That wasnt taking into account that your heart defect or down syndrome.
The odds were stacked against you my sweet child.

There were many times that I thought we were going to lose you. We had so many drs appointment where we were told " the end would be soon". There were several time they said "any day now he could pass". And again we prayed.

I prayed that Gods will be done. I remeber crying in the shower, I told you " Mason, Mommy loves you, but if you need to go to heaven, its ok. Just know that I love you and we will be together soon." My heart broke a little more that day. I knew it was all up to God.

Slowly but surly, you showed everyone what a miracle you are. You got a little better at each appointment. Your number looked better and you really started growing. You did well after all 4 amnio reductions ( they worried it would send me into labor or him into distress). Finally one of our pryaers were answered! Your hygroma was resolved! Something they said never happens, the same thing they said that would kill you. You showed everyone what a fighter you are.

On April 22nd you decided it was time to make your arrival ( 6 wks early). I remember being prepped for the C section, thinking " Well here we are, getting ready to deliver the baby they said would never survive". And when you were born, Dr G said he was almost ready to deliver you, i kept waiting to hear you cry, butyou didnt.... then I see Cory crying, and Dr G comes around the curtain holding you. He said "Meagan, hes perfect".....I started crying and all I could say as I looked into Corys tear filled eyes was "He made it". It was the best feeling ever. Our fight to get you here was over, we had won!

The next 11 day were kind of a blur. You were taken straight to the NICU and were there until you could finish every bottle for 24hrs.

Finally on May 3rd we were able to take you home to finally meet you big brother. Our family was finally together at last.

At 5 wks old, you went into heart failure. My heart broke again. To see your child struggle is one of the hardest thing to watch. We held tight until you were finally given a surgery date. Then after 3 wks of quarantine, it was finally time for open heart surgery.

On Sept 22nd , with tears running down my face, I handed you over to a team of surgeons. 7 LONG hours later we finally got word that your surgery was over and we could see you soon. It felt like it was hours before they finally let us back, and when I saw you I cried.

You looked so tiny and helpless on the bed. With so many wires, tubes, and machines connected to you. Your father was the brave one, always being strong for us. Holding us together as we waited 19 days in the hospital till we could bring you home.

After your surgery , your were a whole new kid! You had so much more energy!

You still had your struggles though. Your surgery caused you to lose some muscle tone ( cutting all your chest muscles also) so we hit the physical therapy/ occupational therapy big time! You grew stronger and stronger. You have so much determination! and now here we are......

You are ONE.

You can stand, sit, clap , sign milk, army crawl, eat real food, sleep like a champ , and amaze everyone.

I am so proud of all you have done in the first 365 day of your life, I cant wait to see what else you can do!

I love you , always and forever



  1. Mason- happy birthday. You are so amazing and such a miracle. from DJ and Rebecca

  2. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Mason! I'e been reading your blog for I guess over a year now (wow!) and you seem like such a strong and loving family! I love seeing Mason's updates on facebook! Such a cutie!!


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