Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shades of purple

Mason has a heart defect.

With that heart defect come several things that are our "new normal". Mason has several medication he takes for his heart, he sees LOTS of Drs, and if any little "issue" pops up.... were put on full alert.

Full alert with Mason means:
Call to cardiologist
Call to Pediatrician
Call to his Childrens Mercy Drs
Emergency Room visit
or a 1hr long ambulance ride to Childrens Mercy

Not only is it calling Drs...its also alerting Cory at work that something is going on, texting Grandparents & family members to what is occurring , Finding someone to watch Colby while we go to ER/Dr. Office/ or Ambulance, packing a small bag of essential for Mason & I to store in the van ( just in case of a longer visit than a few hours), and a bag for Colby.

After the "alarms are sounded", I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. And I have to do this in the most calmest way possible. Thankfully we have done this enough times that we all pretty much know what to do, who to call, and where to go. But even that hasnt taken away from the fact that it scares me every time we do it.

Yesterday, the alarm was sounded.

Mason is having an issue with his arms & feet turning purple. His physical therapist arrived that morning and before we could even start, Masons arms and feet turned purple and he seemed to have several other "red flags" ( heavy breathing, slow cap refill, and puffy). We actually all discussed what to do and actually didnt to his therapy.

BACK INFO : This wasnt the first time Mason has had these purple episodes. Every time it happens we take him to where ever the Drs think is best and in the end they never find anything actually wrong, except he turns purple ( you know, just that little factor THAT HE IS PURPLE!!! And Mason otherwise seem perfectly fine.)

So I sound the alarms, putting in calls to all of his Drs. We were told to go straight to ER, and thats just what we did.........

Almost 4.5 hrs later, we return home with no explanation of what is causing this. His 02 went back to 100 ( was 87 when we got there) , his numbers were good, and his chest xray was clear. The Drs at the ER were again baffled at what could be causing it.

So, the frustated mother I had become, decided that I was dont taking "Were not sure" for an answer and figure this thing out!

First step was to call the Cardiologist first thing this morning, but luckly we have a great Dr, and they called us first. The wanted a echo today ASAP. Then we called his pediatrician and got an appointment this morning to see her. His appointment with the pediatrician went very well. She got the ball moving on a game plan to figure this out. We will start with the echo results, since they dont think its his heart causing it, and go from there.

Mason's 02 has been in the 97-99 range so far today and has 1 episode of color changing. ( he acts perfectly normal when it changes and shows no adverse reactions from it) Were just hoping that the Echo goes well and we can start to find some answers.....

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  1. Oh my goodness - Daniel does this too (the turning purple thingy)!! I have seen it on his arms, legs and even creeping up his face. It has always worried me some, but he acts fine. We don't have a O2 monitor so I wouldn't know if his sats are dropping. I hope you get some answers!


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