Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not what I had planned for our weekend.....


Had plans for this past weekend.
Simple plans, but I had them!

This is not what I had in mind:

Sick baby
Several Dr calls in the middle of the night

 ER visit for a chest xray turned into a 2 day stay in the Hospital!

 He had aspirated on his vomit , due to the "virus" he had
 Then the chest xray showed "Hazy lungs" and given his heart condition... we got to stay...

Thankfully we finally got to go home, and after another day of resting he is feeling much better!


  1. Glad Mr Mason is feeling better! Even sick, he looks like a happy little man.

  2. Oh dear! Not a fun weekend at all. Hope you've been holding up OK. And glad to see that he doesn't look too worse for the wear after it all.

  3. I love the picture of him watching Veggie Tales! Adorable!

  4. Poor baby! Glad he's on the mend!!!

  5. So glad he is feeling better!!!! I read your blog all the time so I love to see new stories about Mason but I like it better when he is healthy (of course)! :)


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