Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Standing and Steps

Mason is my fighter.....

This kid amazes me everyday.   For things that come naturally to other kids, he has to work HARD to do.  For example: Standing....

Most kids just simply stand.  end of story.  It doesn't require Physical therapy x2 a week , Spio suit, sturdy shoes, and ankle braces.... It just comes naturally.    But with Mason, we work for every little accomplishment.  We work throughout the day (everyday) to help him keep up with the other kids as much as possible...... but these other kids, dont have down syndrome.  None of them went through open heart surgery.  So we work harder.  We try everything that could help him along ( spio suit , ankle braces, extra therapy)   We educate ourselves in physical & occupational therapy at home ( gross motor skills for children with Down syndrome & Fine motor skills for children with Down syndrome are GREAT BOOKS)  We do all we can to keep him "chuggin along".  And you know what... He is doing AWESOME!!!!!   Yes, he is a bit behind the "normal curve", but he pretty much lost all his strength after his heart surgery.  So at 5mo old.... we started all over. 

So when Mason stands up in the middle of the room all by himself, we celebrate (BIG TIME).  Because if you think about it.... We were told he would never make it to birth, let alone stand/ walk/ run!  So I look at his beautiful face and just beam with Pride,  because he is doing great.

We just got his ankle braces this morning... we will update on those later!  

isn't his smile just awesome!! 


  1. That smile is so awesome! Such a miracle man!


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