Monday, May 16, 2011

1st Cardiologist appointment

This morning was Mason's first official cardiologist appointment. I didn't know what exactly would be done or what they would say...I just was told to be there at 11:30am. So without knowing what to really expect , my nerves got the best of me.

Will they do an echo?
Will they find something wrong and admit him to the hospital?
Will they say he is in heart failure?????

( My mind runs every scenario possible)

We get to the Heart Center at bit before our appointment (yay for getting a newborn fed, dressed, and ready to go on time!) We go to the receptionists desk to check in, but as were checking in i notice something. There is no one UNDER the age of 90 in the office, and here I come waltzing in with a 3 wk old baby. Oh the looks I got. After we checked in, we were called back and Mason got his vitals taken.
Here are the stats:

Oxygen saturation : 94% ( they like it to be above YAY!)
Heart rate: 143 (good!)
Weight: 7lbs 15.5oz ....yep he has gained over a pound in 2 wks! (actually he gained 5 oz in 2 days!)
Height : 21.5 inches long (growing like a weed)

Soon after his vitals, Dr Parthiban came in. She is also the cardiologist that saw Mason in the NICU ( she also said he would be in heart failure by 2-3 DAYS OLD....WRONG!) She checked over Mason & his charts. Her evaluation of him..... He is doing GREAT! NO HEART FAILURE ! He is gaining weight, lungs are clear, no labored breathing, and no need for any medication right now! She was pretty amazed. We talked about his surgery, She said it will be around September. Other than that there is nothing to report. We go back for another check up in 3 wks.

It just seems like our prayers are still working on our tiny guy. He is doing great and is truly just a joy to be around.

Keep fighting my tiny guy, Mommy loves you.


  1. Such a great appt and such a cutie!!!

  2. Nawww....he is just the cutest little thing!!!

  3. So happy to hear that the appointment went well!
    Such an amazing blessing... :)


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