Sunday, May 1, 2011


Life has been crazy around here since our sweet Mason made it into the world last Friday. Mason has been doing great, he isn't on any medications or machines. The only thing he is working on is finishing his bottles. As of the last feeding tonight...he has only 2 more bottle to fully finish to make it 24hrs of taking full bottles. He has to do 24 to 36 hrs straight of finished bottles to get were close to going home.

This week has been the hardest & happiest week for us. Its been difficult on both Cory & I to have to leave Mason in the NICU to go home after I was released from the hospital. Add post pregnancy hormones...I was a mess. I feel like were in limbo now, between trying to spend time with Colby & trying to make it to as many feedings for Mason....momma is stressed. But we are trying to stay positive and focus on the fact that we will get through this difficult time. We also are just so very thankful that our Mason is here with us. I find my eyes welling up with tears every time I see him. Just the thought that we went from planing a memorial service to holding a miracle in our arms shows me how AWESOME our Lord is.

We pray that God calms our worried hearts and gives us peace in knowing we will get through this difficult time.

Also we praise God that Mason's heart is doing good and not showing signs of heart failure. Dr.s thought his heart would start failing within a few days after birth...well GOD is still showing us his blessings and Mason's heart is doing well (even surprising the Drs a bit). God is so good!


  1. I am so glad that sweet boy is doing so well! I'm still in awe of him and you and how many prayers have been answered! I know the feeling all too well of leaving your baby in the NICU for weeks when you have to go home, I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. :( Big hugs mama, sounds like he will be home soon!!!

  2. I know too well how it feels to almost have to 'pick' between children. Peyton has had dr. appointments while Morgan was in the hospital and it was hard to pick and choose.

    I wanted to ask you how many oz they are making him eat and calling a "full" bottle. Just out of curiosity because they sent Morgan home eating 10-15ml per feeding, and never said anything about it really. Then we were admitted back to the hospital because she quit eating all together.


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