Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr. Appointment update

Waiting for Dr. Nelson

On Wednesday, Mason had his 1 month check up with Dr. Nelson. I was actually looking forward to this appointment because I feel reassured know he has been checked over by the Dr. We started off with the scales. Mason is now 8lbs 12oz!! He is gaining weight wonderfully~! Next they did his oxygen saturation (because of his heart condition they do this at every appt). They like it to be in the high 90s... Mason was bouncing between 85 & 90. We finally got a reading of 92 and used that. Next we saw Dr. Nelson. She checked him over thoroughly ( LOVE that she doesn't rush appointments!) and I pointed out all the concerns I had.. and she told me all was normal for his heart condition. She then charted Mason on the graphs ( we use down syndrome charts for Mason but she also prints me a copy of a "typical" child chart to compare) He is (on the DS chart) 43% for height and 57% for weight, (on "TC" he is 17% and 24%) Then she did his physical analysis ... He has great muscle tone! He is a little weaker in the neck but I blame it on the big chunky cheeks!

So all together he is doing great, still no signs of heart failure!!!!!!!!!! We continue to pray for God to watch over Mason and keep him as healthy as possible till his heart surgery.

Leaving the Drs office...


  1. What a doll he is!! I just want to squeeze those little cheeks :)

  2. Yay, im glad he is doing well!!

    Seriously, he is a cutie!


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