Friday, May 6, 2011

He is just Mason

( Sorry for the delay in updates..its been busy)
Its hard to believe our little boy is 2 wks old already. Its been a difficult 2 weeks. Having Mason whisked away to the NICU right after he was born was not the "ideal" way to start our new life together. Nothing is harder on a mothers heart than being kept away from your new baby. Yes, we knew he was in the best place he could be & was being taken care of by the BEST medical team.... but my heart broke every time I had to leave him behind. Each night we would say a prayer over him before we left, never once was I able to make it through the whole prayer without crying. My heart literally broke each time we had to leave. I prayed that God would calm my heart and help me through those 11 days. He did.

While in the NICU, Mason had several tests done on his heart. The cardiologist said he would most likely go into heart failure by 2-3 days old. The tech who did his echo cardiogram said he had never seen an AVSD as severe as Masons'. We were put on high alert to watch for the signs of heart failure....but God is still protecting Mason. Mason has showed ZERO signs of heart failure. Despite everything the DRs have predicted. Because God is Good.

Mason is still impressing all the Drs. He is gaining weight & and eating well (both things they didn't think he would do with his "problem heart".) We are aware that God has a BIG PLAN for Mason....and we will just sit back and watch in amazement of all the wonders God has in store for our sweet boy.

We have gotten several comments about how Mason doesn't "look " like he has Down Syndrome.
Yes, Mason has down syndrome.
No, we don't know the severity.(and there isn't any "tests" to check severity)

Anymore, when I look at Mason, I don't look for the signs of down syndrome, I just see Mason.


  1. He really is gorgeous. I agree that he doesn't "look" like he has DS. It really is amazing EVERYTHING that you've had to go through, to now have this perfect little boy. I tell everyone after everything that happened with Morgan getting here, she's going to cure cancer, or something equally as good lol.
    Hang on little boy, your heart needs fixed because it just couldn't possibly hold all of the love directed towards you.

    FWIW, I forget Peyton has CP, a lot of the time. It just goes's your normal.

  2. He is oh so adorable and reading this post makes me tear up! I've prayed for him since you first began posting and to see that he is STILL fighting every odd and beating every diagnosis makes my heart soar! I see God's miracles wrapped all over that precious boy.

  3. I am so excited that he is home and doing well. He is absolutely adorable. I will continue to say a prayer for all of ya'll. Keep the updates and pictures coming. How is big brother doing?


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