Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking back

Yesterday was kinda of an emotional day (blame it on the hormones). For some reason all I could keep thinking about was this:

Drs thought we should should abort Mason.(Thankfully not our Drs!)

That Mason was given a 3% chance of survival.

Looking back to January 5th, when our whole life changed, at that point in time I honestly thought Mason would not survive. That the odds were stacked against him. And honestly they were. I remember crying in the shower every night, praying that God would watch over Mason and let him stay here with us. I remember every Dr appt and the feeling of holding our breath, just trying to keep him healthy until delivery. I remember the tears I cried when we started picking out funeral music. There seemed to be so much sadness back then. Just gray & cloudy thoughts. Then God started doing miracles in Mason. Slowly Mason got better. Prayers were being answered.

It took a long hard journey to get Mason here..but he is here! He is doing better than any Dr expected him to. All of that is because of Gods wonderful power. He has great plans for Mason.

So to those who thought Mason shouldnt/couldnt be here ... Look at Gods miracle :


  1. Early in my pregnancy with my second child, I thought I was miscarrying. The doctor out me on bed rest over a weekend, and although at the time I thought I was being foolish because I was only 9 weeks pregnant, but Terribly attached already to this child, I cried and cried some more. I literally begged God to save the baby. I prayed earnestly for His will to be that THIS child lived, but I would understand if He chose differently. I heard God say to me, "Are you sure? This one is going to be difficult.". Taken aback by this message, and without really knowing what I was getting myself into, I assured God that I WANTED THIS CHILD! Fast forward 24 years... And God was right. I believe He always intended for her to be born, but needed to reassure me that He was in control and to remember that He created her and would draw her to Him in His own time. I have hung on to this promise through the rough times with her. god surely knows His creations way better than we can possibly understand. God bless you....and thank Him who gave you such a strong desire to be Mason's mom!

  2. Mason is truly a miracle from God. I love the picutres you continue to post of him. He's beautiful and precious! You must be so proud.

  3. He has come so far! God is good!

  4. God makes beautiful things. Out of fear and dispair, he brought a person, the most precious little person in the world.


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