Thursday, July 14, 2011

1 step forward , 2 steps back...again

We are back on the see-saw of weight gain. I took Mason to the breast feeding clinic to get a weight check thinking he was doing pretty dice. He only gained 2oz in 5 days.
Its not the worst..
but its not the best..

We go back in on Sunday to see how he did for the remainder of the week. Were hoping that he at least gains half an oz a day.

We have a cardiology appointment on Monday morning & Mason will have a Echo-cardiogram done. They will review the findings and then send everything to Childrens Mercy in KC. Then we shall have our exact date for surgery.

Cory & I have really started to realize that surgery is coming upon us quickly .... Were just not ready for our sweet boy to have to endure open heart surgery. And I dont think we ever will be ready.

On a happier note...Mason got to visit Dr. Gleason today. I was there for my checkup & Mason got to tag along. Dr. Gleason even calls him a miracle also.

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  1. I pray the Lord will calm your hearts and ease your anxiety for Mason's impending surgery.


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