Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jonahs surgery update

Here is the update we received from Jonahs family. Cory & I were praying for them and Jonah all day. We anxiously awaited updates & rejoiced when they said he did great.... Now it will be our turn soon.

From Dan

Jonah with big bro Ben last night

Jonah with Mommy this morning pre-op

Jonah getting prepped for surgery

Jonah in recovery

Jonah with all his tubes and wires post-op

Well the surgery is complete, now its time for God to start healing little Jonah's body. As you can see from the pictures he looks pretty beat up. He started to wake up a little bit after we went back to see him and was coughing, but you couldn't tell he was coughing because of the tube in his mouth. He started to turn bright red so they ended up sedating him so he could move around; he was squirming around pretty good, just like good 'ole Jonah squirms :) He's got tubes or leads coming out of his chest, his leg, his ankle and his neck with about 10-15 different monitors around him. It is a bit intimidating to see all of this around your little baby, but it is nice to see him post-op.

We are so amazed at how God as put Jonah's story into the hands of so many Christians who are lifting his name up. Thank you Church and thank you Jesus; we truly are in awe of how this day has transpired. Please continue to be in prayer for Jonah, the next step is to get the breathing tube out of his mouth; possibly tonight but probably tomorrow and then to slowly wean him off the machines and to begin taking control of his body again. In Christ we stand! ~ D

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  1. Many prayers for healing to Jonah and his family.


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