Saturday, July 2, 2011

ER trip #2

Ill make this short and sweet....

Mason didn't gain any weight the last week. I took him to the breast feeding clinic at our hospital for a weight check. He was 9lb 12oz still , took him back again the next day. He lost half a pound *NOT GOOD* but he ate over 4oz (great!) They think he is struggling more with his heart and using more calories then he is taking in. He was showing a few signs of his heart problems also so the nurse called Dr. Nelson to tell her what was going on....her reply..Go to ER. So reluctantly we went (I felt he was ok and what he was doing was normal for him besides the weight loss) ONLY to find out that he is fine . The 900yr old Dr. that saw him actually said to me " you know more about this then I do".......WOW thanks for the bout of confidence DR! So SIX hours after going to the hospital..we finally came home with a clean bill of health.

My thoughts: Mason likes to be at the hospitals on holidays...
Born on Easter weekend
Heart Failure over memorial day weekend
ER #2 on 4th of July weekend.

Please tell me there are no more holidays for a while!!!

Also ... If Masons weight gain doesn't pick up.... its surgery time.


  1. Oh Mason! You sure know how to get attention! LOL :) Our littles with Ds gain so slowly, especially with heart stuff. I wish I could go back and tell myself to quit thinking about it and just do the best I could. It is great he is nursing, that is so good for his body!

  2. Silly babies! I am so thankful we were able to avoid the ER, but the weight gain (or lack of) issue is always a tough one. We ended up using coconut oil to supplement with, just to give her the extra calories, and we were fortunate that it worked. I will be praying for Mason and your family. OHS is so hard to go through, but we are now almost 24 hours post op and I can say that the hardest part was the time leading up to it.


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