Monday, July 18, 2011

Echo update....

Today Mason had a cardiologist appointment with Dr. Parthaban.

We got to our appointment at 9am. We got him measured & weighted. He is now 22.5 inches long and weights a whopping 10lbs 12oz!! ( He needs to be 11lbs for surgery~!) Darcy (our nurse everytime....We love her!) took masons blood pressure & oxygen saturation...Blood pressure was good...Saturation was not so good.

Mason's saturation should be in the high 90s.
His saturation today was 88.

When Darcy was finished (it always takes her a while because we end up chatting for so long!) I nursed Mason till Dr. Parthaban came in. She is always so so friendly. She checked him over and said he was doing pretty good! We adjusted his meds since he had gained a pound since last appt! Then it was upstairs for an echo cardiogram.

I was not looking forward to this part.

But low and behold...Mason slept through the whole thing. (thanks to the overload of milkies he got before they called us back) Dr. P did his echo and when she was finished she reviewed the findings with us.
Here are her findings

His heart is a little worse than last echo. (but normal course for his condition)
His "lower hole " (the VSD of the AVSD) is Very large.
He has a few other smaller "conditions" that have shown up ..but not to much to worry about.
Overall he is doing well and should have his surgery by the end of Sept. She got all the info needed to turn into Childrens Mercy so we can get him on the schedule for surgery ASAP. We ended the visit with a blood draw and then headed home.

We are starting to prepare ourselves for his surgery and start making the arrangements necessary and gathering things we need for Mason's stay. Just praying that all this is behind us soon.

God Bless

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