Friday, July 15, 2011

Do they know how wonderful...

Last night was hard for me.

One of my "online friends" passed on the news that another lady we knew (who was pregnant & had found out by amnio that the baby boy has down syndrome) decided she couldn't "handle" having a child with DS....and terminated the pregnancy yesterday.

My heart broke.
Tears filled my eyes as I told Cory what had happened.
To think that someone would terminate because things weren't "Perfect"....but they don't understand...because a child with DS is perfect..truly , wonderfully, and innocently perfect.

I looked at Mason after I told Cory and tears started to flow. I picked Mason up and snuggled my sleeping boy. Breathed in the sweet smell of his freshly washed hair, felt the smooth skin on my lips as I kissed his cheek. He is perfect.

I looked back at Cory, who now looked upset, and he said " they just don't know". And its true. They don't know...and many wont ever know. They say 96% terminate a down syndrome pregnancy.... it breaks my heart. To think the world wouldn't want a child like Mason.
Think of it like this...There are 100 pregnant women in a room ... all with DS diagnosis.. only 4 would keep the babies. 4 out of 100.

I am one of those 4

I wonder if we have made an impact on anyone, enough for them to realize that they can do it. That its not as scary as everyone makes it out to be. I also wonder if Mason has made an impact on anyone? Would they keep their baby if they had a prenatal diagnosis.

Did I ever think I would be a parent to a child with special needs?
I really never thought anything like this would ever happen to us. I thought we were immune to things like this...This kinda stuff happens to other people..not us. But God knew that we would love Mason, no matter what challenges arise. We didn't know if we had the strength to do it. Then we saw him for the first time, and we realized that Mason was just Mason. He was the baby that we fought to get here, he is our son. A diagnosis of down syndrome didn't change the fact that we love him, and maybe we even love him more because he has down syndrome.

I sometime wonder if other people love there children as much as we love ours? After having to fight so hard to get Mason here...The love for him is so strong. Stronger than I ever knew.

Until you have to fight for your child to make it into the world... you don't know how deep this love is. Its unexplainable.

And its no where near the love that God has for us.....

We have a cardio appt on Monday... we will know soon the exact date of surgery.
Thank you again for the continued prayers


  1. All of God's children are perfect. This post really touched me. I am glad the world has people such as yourself in it, the ones that will not give up on their children no matter what the prognosis. You and Mason make an impact.

  2. To me, what is hard about this, is that in some indirect way, it sends the message to us that our boys are people they would not desire - that our lives are not what they'd want...I dread the day I have first hand experience of this :(

  3. The boys are so cute in their matching PJ's.

    Isn't it terrible when they tx for DS! It makes me hold my little man tighter and be thankful that I am also one of the 4! I wish we could reach out to these woman but because their child isn't "perfect" (what is perfect?) they don't want it! At least we have our amazing little boys!!

  4. This is plain and simply 'eugenics'. Where a parent can choose to keep or abort her baby if the baby isn't what she wants it to be. God help us! In our case with Jonah when we found out he had a heart defect the first option..yes the first option that was given to us was 'to terminate'. That thought never ran through our head, but I can see how it could in a young couple that is scared out of their mind. And some of the doctor's do a good job at making sure they are scared, and this is one of the huge reasons why many of them (96%) choose abortion. I mean a doctor is supposed to do anything and everything to save a live (Hippocratic Oath) not to make the first option to destroy it when a so called bad diagnosis is given. God is the giver and taker of life, not anyone else, creating and taking life is God's domain...period!
    Mrs. B - Keep pleading life and truth in your writings, I guarantee you have changed many hearts and minds on the way! Bless you ~ Dan

  5. I have been following you blog since you posted your story on the 'carry to term despite poor or fatal diagnosis' board quite some time ago. Mason is a beautiful miracle. I chose to carry my daughter to term after receiving the diagnosis of Trisomy 18. Sadly, she passed in utero and I delivered her 1 day before her due date. Even with her "condition", she was still my beautiful, sweet girl. These special children teach us the meaning of unconditional love.


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