Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy Busy....

 We have been BUSY!!!!

April -June is a crazy time around here every year!  From the end of April to the middle of June we are just busy every weekend.

We had Mason's Birthday , Our nephew Sams 3rd birthday, Our nephew Hunters 4th birthday (pool. party that the kids LOVED...I need to upload pics of them swimming!), A bachelorette party ( Im maid of honor and hosted ..We had a blast!

 ) my mother in laws birthday was yesterday ( lunch and dessert at grandmas house).
Then its
Colbys birthday
Mothers Day
Sister graduation
Cousins graduations
Friends graduation
Aunts graduation
My Birthday
and a wedding that Cory(usher) I (matron of honor), Colby (ring bearer) , and Mason will attend.

Add in a Sister in law due with twins anytime...and a few holidays....

This is crazy!

Lucky us the week days are not so hectic! 

Mason got a new water table from Nana K for his birthday.  Its actually perfect size for him to sit in!  Colby has room on the other side to play and Mason also enjoys standing to play as well.

 We had Colby's cousin Sam over the other day to play....

 Ready to go on one of our nightly walks..

 Adding to our busyness : 
Mason had his 1yr Dr appt and Colby had his 3yr check up.

Mason had a great check-up, Dr Nelson was impressed with all he is doing ( only behind on walking!) He is growing like a weed and is almost 20lbs.  He wasnt very happy about the 4 shots he got.... :(

Colby had a great check up as well.  50th% for weight and 35th% for height.  He got 2 shots and was proud to show off his bandaids ( and 6 suckers...the nurses love him...)


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Recap...

 Sorry it has taken so long to get this post done! 

Life is still busy!

Mason had a wonderful 1st birthday party!  The weather was beautiful.  No rain in sight! 

We had all our family show up for the party, all the kids enjoyed the bouncy party investment ever!

 Blue skies
 Kids jumping and playing
 Mason even jumped!

 Mason wasnt too interested in his cake.... but that was  ok by me!  ( less mess to clean!)

Overall the party was a blast!

Mason got way too many generous gifts.

Oh, and mommy cried .... like I knew I would