Saturday, January 5, 2013

Picture Post Update

 We have been busy ( I think I keep saying that on every post) but its my goal this year to be a better blogger!  We will see how long that last!

Here is what we have been up to:

Mason is allergic to Dairy ( As in everything that has milk, whey, or dairy protein in it) So we have to be very careful in what we give him to eat.   I mostly eat dairy free with him.  I leave out dairy in our meals when i can ( Colby and Cory are not always fond of that )  But we have found a few "sweets" he can enjoy that are safe for him to eat!

Almond Bark covered pretzels

And oreos....
 Both are very messy but we let him have them every once in a while ( right before bath time).

I was looking through old pics on my phone and did this comparison... What a change in just 1 year!

 Christmas brought lots of new toys and I was pretty adamant on what was on Mason's list.  I didnt want toys that wouldnt benefit him.  I wanted things that would encourage the skills we are working on ( Fine motor).  So I was kinda strict on my list...but I think it will pay off in the end.  Plus our play room isnt cluttered by 303049308984 toys that light up and make noise! (PS the "cube" in the first pic was the best present for Mason!  He is doing so good working his fine motor skills on it ) 

He loves books

  (This is actually Colbys toy from Aunt Jenny but Mason loves to ride while Colby pushes him)

His peep peep eggs were a BIG HIT!!


Colby enjoyed the holidays as well!  He got a big boy bike this year! 

 I leave you with a few pics of what our days have been looking like...
Houston we have a CLIMBER!

 And then the next min he is sleeping like an angel ...