Friday, September 23, 2011

day 2

Mason Dean Busey, you are a fighter!

Mason had a slight rollercoaster ride last night. He developed a fever of 103.8 after surgery. He also was having a bit of trouble with his blood pressure and his heart rate They want his heart rate at 120 to 140 ....Mason was at 203. But Mason was in great hands His overnight nurse(Annie) watched him closely and kept on top of everything. By 7am he was at a normal temp, good blood pressure, and heart rate of 150/160. Drs said he is doing great and we will be working to get him off the vent tonight/early morning.

Thank you again for all the prayer (from literally all over the world) God is showing us again what Miraculous things he has in store for Mason. God is so good.

Also please send prayers for our friends little girl Kandice, she is 4 and is actually just down the hall from us. She was to have her heart surgery yesterday the same time as Mason.....but they got postponed and Mason got to go ahead. It brought tears to my eyes when they said " If there is only room for one baby to get their heart surgery, we want Mason to go ahead". To have them say that was so selfless. Thank you Adam and Suzy.

God Bless

There are some photos of Mason on our FB page . For some reason the computer wont let me add phots to blogger right just click on the "prayers for Mason" facebook link at the top of the page.


  1. he is a fighter! God is so great and what blessings in friends that you have!

  2. Thank you for the update. He definatley is a fighter, and we will continue to pray for him and his speedy & safe recovery.

  3. Great news and that brings tears to my eyes that the other people let him go first! Wow!!

  4. God is so good! That is great news that Mason continues to improve! We will continue to pray for precious Mason's speedy recovery and healing. We love you precious angel! Thank you for keeping us updated on his progress.


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