Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In the clear...

Last week at Mason's cardiology appointment (3 appts that day!) We got some great news.....Mason wont need to be seen by the Cardiologist until FEBRUARY!!!!! Can u believe that??? We went from 3x a week echos to 8wks ~!


Mason is also doing great on the weight gain department. He is now a little over 15lbs and growing! We had is regular pediatrician checkup before Dr. Nelson goes on maternity leave. Mason is growing right on the DS "curve" he is steady in the 40-50% on everything. Also his Dr. said his development is only lacking on sitting (but some "regular, term, non OHS babies are not always sitting at this age either). So overall a great appointment day!

Mason has also started on a new vitamin for children with Down syndrome. Its called Nutrivene D and I will be blogging on his progress with this. So far he is "babbling" more and is gaining weight ( he wasn't really gaining before we started NVD). So keep a lookout for our progress with that and this PT/OT therapies as well~!


  1. That's great news, I forget, how old is Mason again? I could look back but I don't have time. Super interested in the vitamin!!

  2. He is a little over 7mo.
    Look for more posts on the vitamin coming up...Were loving it right now!


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