Friday, January 27, 2012

Passing on the prayers....

Mason has been showered with many things. Love, affection, and lots of prayers. Even before Mason was born, he was in so many peoples thoughts and prayers. And now its time to share those prayers with a special little girl named Charlotte. This beautiful little girl is in need of some prayers and generosity. Charlotte is in an orphanage, simply because she has Down syndrome. In the country she lives in, children with DS are put into a orphanage until they are 4, then they are put in a mental institute. Just because of DS. I think of Mason, and tears fill my eyes as I think that somewhere else there are children just like him, sitting unloved. So I ask you to help Charlotte. Her New parents are in the final stages of adopting her, but there is a cost to all of this. There are plane tickets, court fees, adoption fees, ect. So to lighten the burden on this wonderful family....I ask for your prayers and for a small donation for Charlotte.

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