Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayers for Lauren

This is sweet baby Lauren

Lauren is 7wks old and is having open heart surgery today, the same surgery that Mason had just 6 months ago.

Sweet Lauren is in need of as many extra prayers as possible today. Not only prayers for a successful surgery, but also for her parents and family. That they have peace on their hearts today as they hand over their little girl to the surgical team. And lastly, prayers for a quick recovery.

This was Lauren's Moms post from their blog

I am terrified. I can't make myself say it out loud, but what if she dies? I am so scared. I wish I could take back every ounce of sadness I felt when we found out that Lauren had Down syndrome. I wish I could tell my 18 weeks pregnant self that she would be a true gift. I love her so much and I honestly feel so LUCKY to have the honor of parenting a child with Down syndrome. And even luckier that it's my sweet, snuggly, redheaded Lauren Hope.

We have truly the best team of doctors, nurses, anesthesia people, and etc tomorrow. We also have God! I truly believe that Lauren has so much to teach the world and I'm honored to help her learn to do just that.

Please pray for the medical professionals working on Lauren, pray for peace and calm in my part and pray that my beautiful daughter wakes up to a healed heart tomorrow.

Lauren is now on the bypass machine, of took a while to get the extra IV started (no surprise there!) Everything is going as expected and we should get another update in an hour or two

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