Thursday, February 21, 2013

What were using .....

I get emails about what we are using for Mason's developmental progress.  So I decided to do a post about what we are using!

For Fine Motor skills we play with lots of blocks:

These are the main 2 kinds we have.
Wood Blocks


 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case

He enjoys playing with the apps and watching the screen.
We mostly use this for Dr. appts ( to keep him busy)

He has really enjoyed his Earlyears lil Shopper Play set

Earlyears Lil Shopper Play Set
He enjoys taking the "groceries" out of the bag, and each item does "something". 
 The milk carton opens and has a mirror, apple has a rattle, banana peels (and has a krinkle noise), Orange opens and has a rattle, and lettuce has krinkle noise.
He has really enjoyed this set ( I keep the milk, banana, and orange in the diaper bag for quite play during church)

Great Grandma got him the Kidooie Peek N Peep eggs

I cant find a pic , but these are another toy that Mason LOVES
Its a great fine motor toy.  He enjoys taking the tops off the eggs, opening the carton, and trying to put the tops back on.
This toy will also grow with his development.  The eggs have a shape on the bottom and only fit in a certain spot. So later he can work on fitting the shapes in , colors, and matching the faces with the eggs. (Colby plays with this toy as well at almost 4yrs old and he enjoys it!!

Pretty simple to explain... He loves opening the doors and moving the magnetic animals around.



We also got several Leap frog toys for Christmas that Mason really likes to play with as well:

AlphaZoo Spinner


 He likes the music and pushing the big yellow button to make it spin

Next I will post on the things we are using to work on sign language with Mason.

Have a Great Day!!


  1. We will dutifully pray in agreement with you for Mason's healing. Thanks also for the listing of toys used for his mental development. I know of many others who will benefit from that information.

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