Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our year in review! Our Blessed 2013

Our 2013 in review


My Sweet Mason

Sleeping angel

22 weeks pregnant 

Brothers playing

  Zoo Trip


Colby Dale

Sweet boys

We celebrated Valentines Day


Mason and Momma

Mr. Attitude

Favorite place to play

St. Patrick's Day Parade (always cold!)

Mason underwent a 24 PH study to help figure out his aspiration/ reflux issues going on 

The boys colored Easter Eggs

Good Friday ( Mason was actually born on Good Friday)

Easter Sunday


Mason Turns 2 Yrs old
4 days later  
Logan Drew entered the world (3wk early)

Logan had trouble breathing at birth and was sent directly to the nicu

Colby got to meet his "wittle brother"

First time mommy got to hold him

4 days old


Logan still in the NICU
Mothers day
Colby Turns 4
and momma spent most of the day with Logan in the NICU

I turned 29...and spent that in the NICU as well

We juggled life with 2 little boys at home, one in the nicu, and a hubby who had to go back to work...

After 30 days in the nicu, our sweet Logan Drew is finally home



We settled into life with 3 little boys!

Lots of family walks

Nursing this lil babe


Happy and Bald
 Logan with Great Grandma Bobbie after church

Logan and Mommy

Mason enjoying one of our many walks
 and bath time


Logan grew

Great grandparents celebrated 55 years

The kids played in the pool


Lots more playing outside 

Logan turned 5months old

brothers posed for pics..
and went for walks

Mason celebrated his 2 year Open Heart Surgery Anniversay
can you believe that was 2 years ago!


Mason and Logan in matching pjs

Mason fell in love with a dancing mummy (thanks aunt jenny!)

Logan turned 6months old

We took a Family Vacation , Where Colby rode his first roller coaster
that he LOVED

 and ended with Mason going to the Hospital Via Ambulance for breathing difficulties..
He ended up having croup.
 Then all the kids were sick for halloween , so no one dressed up..
but we did get a pic of Mason as a pirate!

Logan turned 7 months old.
 started really trying to crawl

and eating like a little piggy!


We did elf on the shelf with Colby
 Logan had lots of baths

The boys played on the iPad

All 3 boys had Dr appointments

Then we celebrated a very very blessed Christmas and New years!

We again were blessed with another year, a year full on memories and thankfulness.

Cant wait to see what this year brings!!!


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