Friday, January 28, 2011

Appointment update

On Wednesday we had an appointment with Dr. Evans again for a follow up. All morning I kept telling Cory, "I don't wanna go". The reason I kept saying this is because I wasn't sure I could handle any more bad news. It seems every time we go to a Drs. appointment we get more bad news. I'm just not sure my heart can take anymore pain right now.

I feel like God put us in Dr. Evans & Dr. Gleason's care for a reason. There is just a calm feeling knowing they will do all they can for both Mason & us. As though God hand picked them for us and Mason.

Needless to say, we went to the appointment. We got check in and waited for a bit. I picked up some magazines to read while we waited.... and a little sadness came over me. All the magazines I picked were filled with pictures of perfect babies and all the things babies need (bedding, bottles, articles on what the best coming home outfit looks like) and I couldnt help to think... These are things we cant plan on for Mason. I kept flipping through the pages.... pretending it didnt bother me. So no one would notice that a simple magazine was breaking my heart. I put on my "brave face" for everyone else...but inside I just want to cry.

We finally get called back by Terri, our sweet ultrasound tech. She is always so kind and best of all ...she doesn't hide or sugar coat anything. She greets us with her soft smile as always and I take my seat on the bed. We chat a little bit then we start the sonogram. The second Mason popped up on the screen my heart sank. I blurted out " He is swollen". Terry said yes he does look swollen. She started doing the scan and said that Mason has some Edema (swelling under the skin). When she said this my heat sank. *** in cystic hygroma babies: They get the fluid on the neck , then the head, then they start to get Edema, then they get fluid on the lungs & heart, then they go into heart failure.*** Mason has the fluid on the neck & head, and now has Edema. This is not a good sign for Mason. Terri continued with the scan but was having some troubles. Good troubles though. I happened to eat a brownie covered Oreo before my appointment.

Brownie covered Oreo = super active baby

Terri was trying her hardest to get all the measurement she needed but Mason could have cared less! He wouldn't sit still at all. He just kicked, waved, rolled, touched his toes to his head,did some ninja kicks, and showed us his tiny little tushy. In all this pain we are going through, it is so nice to laugh. And laugh we did! God shows us a bit of sunshine when all we see is grey skies. He finally settled down enough that Terri could finish the scan and then had Dr. Evans come in to scan also.

Dr. Evans came in and started scanning Mason. Here is what we found:
Mason went from 12oz three weeks ago to 1lb 3oz (great weight gain!) (43rd %)
His heart rate was 142 (great!)
All together he is in the 48th% for overall size. (perfectly average)
His femor length was in the 46% 3 wks ago...but now his femur length is in the 9th% (not good but somewhat normal for down syndrome babies)
Edema (swelling under the skin) was also found (not a good sign)
Heart is still the same

Over all Mason seem to look pretty normal , except for hygroma & swelling. Watching the
sonogram, you would never know there was anything wrong with him.

We did have a concern pop up during the sonogram. My amniotic fluid is off the charts. Dr. E said I have so much fluid its making my belly measure full 23wks...Not Good. The reason for such high fluid is that Mason body isnt doing what it should with the fluid so its getting "backed up" and my body doesnt know Mason isnt keeping it keeps making more. We will be getting the fluid drained (like having an amniocenteses again) . ***with the cystic hygroma: babies with either too low or too high amniotic fluid show a poor prognosis to make it to "term"****

So again...we don't really have any answers. All we can do is wait and pray. These next 6wks will be a big bridge we have to cross. If Mason can make it to 30wks we will have a much better prognosis. I pray the next 6 wks goes smoothly and we will get to meet our sweet Mason in May.

Thank you again for the prayers and support. Mason is a fighter.. he has beat the odds already!


  1. "God shows us a bit of sunshine when all we see is grey skies."

    I just wanted to say this quote is perfect. I continue to pray for you and baby Mason.

  2. That quote that Andrea posted is perfect, I love it.

  3. You are all in our prayers, always. He looks beautiful to me.


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