Friday, October 21, 2011

Cardio appt update

Mason had another echo yesterday.

Dr. G said that the fluid is still roughly the same. He didnt think it had increased or decreased. Then he sighed and said we have a new problem. The fluid around the heart is starting to thicken. We were told if this continues it is life threatening. So Mason will have another echo on Monday & a consult with the surgeons at Childrens Mercy to see where to go from there. If it is still thickeing then Mason will need surgery right away. We are praying the steriods start helping and the fluid stops thickening.

We ask for your prayers this weekend. We know what the power of prayer can do!

Also I would like to put 2 little babies on the prayer request also.

First is for Baby Justice - He is a few months old, had several heart surgeries, is doing a final surgery today...if it doesn't work they will be having to face taking him off heart support. He is in surgery right now. ++++++UPDATE FOR JUSTICE++++
Sorry about the choppy updates this morning. Last night around 7 p.m. we started noticing more drainage out of the drainage tubes than there had been. This alarmed our awesome nurses and ecmo specialist so they called our surgeon and began doing med therapy. They decided they would have to go in an examine everything to see where the blood was coming from. When she went in the bleeding had stopped, probably due to the therapy, but she noticed the shunt was clotted again. With his state of being opened for 20 days now, and with having other major procedures done to his heart, and him being on ECMO 2x, they have very limited options of what they can do. All of the doctors came together and agreed if his films & eco's showed he had enough of his right heart, they would attempt 1 more procedure. It was either attempt this or turn the machine off. We are still fighting and believing so we opted to do this one last surgery. There is a very high chance that he could pass away during surgery, more higher than in the past due to all the already listed circumstances.

All that being said, we know who the great Physician is. We know that He is in control. We believe that He can and will Justice. Sara, Noah, and I do covet your prayers. Sara and I have not had much rest this week, but know where our sustaining comes from. Keep praying and keep spreading the word. We are suited up, and we are charging full speed ahead. SUIT UP!!!

Also pray for Baby Emmrie- She is 1 day older than Mason, she had the same surgery as Mason, At CMH also! She is having the same complications as Mason did but is still in the PICU.

I ask for added prayers for these babies. Mason has so many prayers going out for him that I want to "share the prayers" with these other babies that need just as many prayers as Mason.

God Bless


  1. May God bless all these beautiful babies.

  2. I'm so sorry you are facing another obstacle. It just doesn't seem right that your perfect little boy, and your family should have to endure so much. Mason has beat the odds EVERY time and I am so hopeful for you that he continues to make himself a GOOD statistic.

  3. Will pray for Mason and the all the babies that need pray and love and support.

  4. Will pray for baby Mason! I hope everything gets better for you!

  5. This makes me so sad, I am thinking of your family today, and praying for good news. Please give us an update when you find time

  6. We are checking in here and on Facebook daily and holding Mason in the forefront of our prayers. His little face and that head of hair have captured our hearts! We can see that he's got that heart warrior strength, and we look forward to hearing about the success of the drainage. Many prayers coming your way for Mason and the whole family.
    Love, the Graceland crew

  7. Hope all the babies survive in there critical condition. Don't loos hope. God is with us always. Continue praying. God Bless all the babies.


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