Friday, October 28, 2011


Mason had another echo on Wed and showed the fluid is still the same. We have another appt on Monday (not Friday like we were told). We will consult with the surgeon the first part of next week. Im very glad for this because we get to attend STEP UP FOR DOWN SYNDROME walk now!!!!! We raises over $1200 for Down syndrome and we are so so so excited to join in on the largest celebration for people with Down syndrome!!!! Thank you to all who donated!! They are still excepting donations till tomorrow~ ;)

On a different note...Remember how I had mentioned prayers for 2 heart babies...well here are their updates:


We just met with the doctors after Justice's surgery and medically speaking there is no more they can do. His brain shows signs of bleeding and his kidneys have gotten worse over the past few days. These 2 issues and more disqualify us from being able to be placed on the ...transplant list. Justice's heart has gone into cardiac shock and is not functioning on its on. He is still hooked up to a pacemaker and the ecmo machine is still providing for him. We now have 2 medical decisions. We can either turn the ecmo machine off all at once, or we can slowly wean down and then stop it. We are not and do not have to make that decision tonight.

We are continuing to pray for Justice and his family. They said this morning
Due to the bleeding in Justice's brain, they believe he is having seizures. He is comfortable and very alert. We sleep more over night than he did. We will begin weaning down ECMO at noon and will wean down as the circuit allows. When we are the lowest we can go we will then clamp off and it will be up to Jesus & Justice to do the rest
We will continue to pray for Justice and his family.

Emmrie is doing better and hopefully be going home around Thanksgiving... She still has a long road to recovery though.

Thank you agian for all your prayers for ALL the babies

God Bless


  1. Awful and heartbreaking....question Mrs. Mason's condition now life threatening? Can he end up like Justice? I have been praying for you family everyday!


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