Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doing Well

Sorry again for the delay in updates! I will get back into the swing of things again ...I promise!

First up: LIFE IS GOOD!!

Mason is doing very well now. He is now weaned off his steriod and Ib profin (both were being taken for the fluid around his heart). He is now only on Lasik (diaretic), Zantac (for meds bothering his tummy), and Captipril (blood pressure med). Were down to half the meds he was on!!! He had an echo Monday and the fluid is still gone and are considering it resolved as of now!!!! PRAISE GOD!! Overall we can see a change in him, he is just so happy! When the fluid was at its worse...he wasnt nearly as happy as he is now...he is back to his old self!.

We praise God for all the blessing he has bestowed on us & Mason.

I want to start incorperating more "family life" into this blog. Mason is part of our little family of 4 and I will be sharing more "family stuff" on here....hope that is ok!

So here is a proper interduction of our little family

This is Cory (loving, hard working, sweet hubby of mine)and Colby (our 2.5yr old FANTASTIC son, and loving brother)

Be prepared to start hearing more about these 2 wonderful guys in my life!

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