Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forward motion....

Mason is now 14mo old. 

Most babies his age ( and younger) are already walking , heck, some are even running!  But walking is something we have yet to accomplish. 

To see other (mostly younger) babies pass him by, still hurts ( but not as much as it used to..)  But that little miracle never stops amazing us.    We are now well on our way to walking!

Mason can pull up to stand like a pro!

He is now crusing along the couches like a rock STAR!

 He is also starting to walk using his walker!!!!!  And oh how sweet those little step are. ( yes mommy cries tears of JOY!)

When I start to get upset that Macy is getting passed by other babies even younger than him in gross motor skills, I remember this photo....

And remind myself that my sweet boy went through open heart surgery just 9 short months ago.

Then when I look at him, remembering that they said he would never make it to birth......

And now look at my miracle:

He is climbing..

 AND always smiling.....

So I will sit back and patently wait for our turn, when he is good and ready...

as you can see in the climbing pic....When he is walking, Im going to have a wild one on my hands!


  1. awww I think Mason is doing awesome. My youngest has some immune disorders and she JUST started walking and is 16 months old. It seems like just being in the hospital a lot and being sickly slowed her down. It was hard to handle though because our oldest had mild CP and mild spina bifida and walked early, when we weren't sure she would ever walk. It's so hard not to compare, and not to be bitter (thanks facebook!) but regardless, MASON IS A ROCKSTAR!

  2. Awww... he's a beautiful miracle!!! Babies are stubborn... he will walk when he's good and ready! Looks like that time will be right around the corner too! :)

  3. And.... he's flipping adorable! He is WAY past Cora in gross motor too. Maybe I can show her his pictures for inspiration! :)

  4. My daughter did not walk at all until 15 months! He's totally on track, no worries!!

  5. My perfectly healthy baby girl opted to sit on her wonderfully round tush until 16 months, so don't worry too much!

  6. WTG Mason! he's doing amazing! My daughter was also a late walker (15 months) so I think Mason is doing just fine!


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