Monday, July 16, 2012

Surgery is a ....GO!

Sorry to all our followers......

We have been a bit busy here in the B household, for a very good ( and blessed reason)....


Yep, We bought a new house (and Im in LOVE)

We moved from our "undersized" house in the city to a perfect house just outside of the city.  We love it here!!  The boys have a ton of room (inside & out ) to play and run.  And I finally got the kitchen I've been waiting for! Oh, and that sweet hubby of mine kinda likes his garage....a lot.  ;)

So since we have been busy with moving, I have sort of neglected the blog a bit.   But have no fear!  We are settled and were back to regular blogging!  

First off,  Mason will be having surgery on Wed.   We tried to avoid it as long as we could, because we didnt want 2 surgeries in less than a year.... but we cant really put it off any more.

Mason will have ear tubes put in, extensive hearing screening, adnioids taken out, and sinuses "worked on".  We got the "ok" from the cardiologist, (his echo is good) but with some stipulations... We have to be monitored overnight inthe PICU after surgery.....ugh.   Better safe than sorry I guess.

This momma is worried, but not nearly as bad as with his open heart surgery....

So we ask for some prayers and good thoughts on Wednesday morning for our little tough guy.  We always appreciate them ;)


Mason is standing...unassisted...This kid is amazing

for you fellow instagramers.... were mrsbandherboys  (Mason crawled into his brothers bed all by himself)


  1. Go Mason!!! So happy for you about your house (and jealous of your kitchen!) and I am sending all my love and prayers for Mr. Mason's surgery.


    1. Where did you get his shoes? They are super cute!

  2. Could he be any cuter?! I'll be thinking lots of good thoughts for you all Wednesday.

  3. I'll be thinking & saying little prayers for you guys on Wednesday! I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your little guy with us, seeing pictures of him warms my heart!


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