Saturday, July 21, 2012

Because, nothing goes as planned....

Mason is home and is recovering from surgery pretty well now.

We hit a few bumps along the way....

Mason's pre op took longer than normal ( since he has such an extensive health history).  But he was an angel the whole time, even falling asleep before they took him back.

  He was sent to the pediatric Intensive Care Unit after surgery to be monitored...... and it was a good thing he was.  Mason had a bit of trouble maintaining his breathing and required oxygen on and off through the night.  He was also fighting a fever as well.

We were released on Thursday afternoon , but Macy still wasnt feeling well.   We ended back at the ER yesterday afternoon due to high fever and lack of drinking/eating.   After several hours we got to go home and Im happy to FINALLY report that Mason is feeling better....
So thank you for all the prayers that we have been showered with.... The support is amazing


  1. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery. Could he be any sweeter?!

  2. Such a sweetie! Poor littles so sick - doubly worse with something like that!

  3. That boy has the most fantastic smile I have ever seen - I just want to squeeze him! I think about you all so often, and have been following your blog since we were in the same birth group together on BC. I've loved reading about your faith in this little miracle, and more importantly in what God has planned for you all. You are such an inspiration - and so is that little fighter of yours! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your life. Congrats on the house, and a successful surgery! xoxo


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