Monday, March 7, 2011

Appointment updates

On Wed I had an appointment with Dr. Gleason. Just a normal "run of the mill" appt. (odd for us!) Blood pressure was normal 117/ 65. Urine test were normal also. Then came the weigh in....ZERO weight gain..again. This is 9wks of no weight gain. This is a little cause for concern. Mason is growing..but Im losing weight. I was sent in the next day to have a blood glucose test (it tests for gestational diabetes).

It is a test where you drink this yucky drink mix, wait 1 hour, then have a blood draw. Luckily my sister in law was kind enough to watch Colby while I did the test. (Thanks again Cheri). Dr called back this morning....I FAILED onto the 3hr test.

Friday we had an appointment at Dr Evans. We did a growth ultrasound, cord pressure check, then an amnio reduction.

Growth scan went well. ( They forgot to give me the printout of all the numbers & percentages so I will enter those when I get them)

Mason now weighs 2lbs 13oz
His femur & humerus length is starting to drop on the charts (normal for DS)
His heart rate was 142 (like always)
His cord pressure is 4.1 (while resting... Worried how high it is when active)
**last scan, mason was resting and cord pressure was the pressure is increasing**

Fluid numbers was elevated again (as usual) and we did another amnio reduction. This one hurt pretty bad. They ended up not getting enough off so I go back this week to do it again before our BIG APPOINTMENT on Thursday.

Thursdays appointment is such a big appointment for us & Mason. We are doing a echo cardiogram on Mason's heart. We will finally know what they can do for his heart. If they can fix it or not, it he would need surgery right away, or if they can do anything at all. This appointment will give us lots of answers. We got our support team going with us. As long as I can mentally last till Thursday we will be ok.

Mommy is starting to finally feel better (thanks to some great meds to finally shake this cold stuff!)

Thank you again for your prayers. We will be needing them on Thursday for sure!


  1. Ugh. Cord pressure is evil. I envy the people who are clueless when the ultrasound tech measures it and assume it's just the heartbeat. Our *big* appointments were always stressful but in some way they were like I was able to breath again. I do better when I have ALL of the information at hand. Knowing exactly where we stood with all of our options. I will be keeping baby mason in my thoughts on Thursday that his little heart is 125% fixable! Also hoping his cord artery gets it's sh!t together and calms down.

  2. Still thinking of you and Baby Mason. Praying you get some answers Thursday. Prayers, Prayers, and more Prayers coming ya'lls way!

  3. I am still sending up lots of prayers for you, baby Mason, and for the rest of your family. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Take care and good luck and God bless you this week.

  4. Praying for you and Mason. Hope Thursday goes well. I have to go see my dr on Monday so hoping that everything is the same.

  5. I will be thinking about you all and praying for the best news possible, as always! I hope Thursday goes well. And my my, Mason is one adorable little guy!!!

  6. Still praying for you guys, we are hoping we get to make Mason a regular newborn gown :) Love, AER

  7. I am hoping and praying that everything works out for Mason and your family and that he grows up to be the most handsome little man ever. I think about you daily and check for updates. I pray that you never have to consider this but there is an organiztion called Now I lay me down to Sleep ( offers free pictures for families of babies who may not make it (i'm praying for the best). I'm just wondering if you have looked in to it or thought about it as something you may like for your family if that terrible situation were to occur. I will continue my prayers and hope the best for your family and Mason.

  8. I feel very blessed I found your blog through My husband and I just found out a couple weeks ago at our first trimester screening that our baby is retaining fluid behind the neck as well as in other parts of his/her body (possible cystic hydroma and/or hydrops, downs, etc. We were completely shocked and are so concerned on what's going to happen w/ our precious baby. We have been praying to God constantly along w/ our friends and family and are trying to keep faith that our baby will be able to be born and live but only time will tell. I am only 15 weeks and my husband and I are going for a 2nd opinion on Friday and then go for an amnio on Monday. Thank you for sharing your story. As you said, it is all in God's hands.


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