Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting ready to Mason

I now feel like Im running behind! We had to wait and make it to a "safe place" with Mason, before we could start making preparations for him. Now I feel like Im playing "catch up" to hurry and get everything ready for a little bundle of joy!!!!

I would probably be a bit more relaxed about the whole situation...if we knew Mason would stay in till May! But...with Mason's conditions/Contractions/losing mucus plug ...Our little one could be here any day. LITERALLY ANY DAY!

So now were in a dead sprint to finish getting house ready for our little boy. We have lots of little projects on our list! Switching the Colby's room into the "Boy's Room" is our biggest project. Trying to figure out how get the most room out of the little space is a challenge. With some finagling both boys & all their things should fit in there just fine. (I hope) Mason will be in our room in his bassinet till he is ready for the crib or until after heart surgery. Just depends on how he is doing.

Our projects this week is sewing Mason's bedding (yep momma is making his bedding) and painting the room. Also we are going through all of Colby's clothes when he was a baby and washing them Mason. It makes my heart so happy to be doing these things!!!

Were not out of the woods but Im tired of being in the "doom & gloom". So only "sunny outlooks" from here on out!

I have an appointment with Dr. Evan on wed. I will have a growth ultrasound, cord pressure check, and amnio reduction. Were hoping this is the final amnio reduction I will have to have! Since Mason seems to being doing what he should in there and my fluid isn't rising as quickly. So again were praying for low cord pressure. If its too high...were delivering.


  1. Oh Happy Day! Enjoy getting ready to meet your new man!

  2. Prayers that Mason is healthy and crying w/ joy upon his arrival!


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