Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I feel like im holding my breath.
Waiting for something to happen.
Double checking meds
Watching for symptoms to arise.

There is just so much to watch for :
faster breathing
nasal flaring
grunting during rest
chronic cough
urinating less often
sweaty or clammy
taking longer to eat
taking smaller feedings
poor weight gain
sleeping more
pale or dusky color
hands & feet cold

Now all of that is a lot to watch for...but take into account..half of all those thing are normal things babies do. So I spend my days wondering if these is something wrong or if Mason is just being a typical newborn.

Im starting to feel the toll of all the responsibilities. Its starting to weigh me down. I feel like there is so much on my shoulders. I have so much worry about Mason's surgery. So much is "un known"

We were told my the cardiologist that Mason will need to have another procedure before surgery. A heart catheter. That threw us for a loop since we were unaware we would have to do that.

Im realizing that these procedures are not too far away and pretty soon we will be in the "thick of it" and then after that we will be on our way to recovery!

Praying for strength and peace for my worried heart.


  1. You will make it! I know how hard this time is waiting for surgery and wondering if you are seeing things. My best advise is follow your instincts, they are probably correct. And try to enjoy your days even in the midst of the fear because once they are past (even though you'll be on the safe side of surgery) you can't get that time back and you'll wonder where it went. Praying for you guys!

  2. Hang in there, mama! Your instincts are good!
    (And, I'm still praying for you!)

    Mama of another Mason,
    Nestie Mollymurphy

  3. Dear God...May the shadow of Your wing be over Mason, and his family. Amen.

  4. Mason is so beautiful! Always keeping him in our prayers! He is a fighter, like Joey!!!


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