Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today we Pray.

Today we are praying for Jen and her son Joey.

Joey is having open heart surgery (like Mason will be having in 3 mo) today.

We pray that Joeys surgery goes as well as possible.
That his tiny heart is mended.

Dear Heavenly Father;

We lift up tiny Joey to you today. Please guide the Drs & staffs hands while they mend this precious child's heart. May there be no complications & a smooth recovery. Also put your hands on Joeys parents (and family) as they journey through this difficult time.

In his most precious name

Jen & I have emailed back and forth. We both had very similar pregnancies, and both had to fight to get our sons here. Joey also had a Cystic Hygroma (resolved like Masons did!), Down syndrome, and a heart defect. Jen has been so kind as to answer any questions we have had about surgery and down syndrome. It has been so helpful to us already!

So I wanted to share her story , as they go through the hardest day so far (Surgery day).

I ask you to say a prayer for Joey.

because prayer is what got these boys here!

1st surgery update

Off bypass

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