Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Were in heart failure...

Mason in the ER

Cuddles with daddy

Hello from KU Med

We knew this would happen...but it didnt make it any easier.

On Friday Mason started to breath a bit heavier and was modeled. Since both were a slight cause for concern ...we went and saw Dr. Nelson. almost 4 hours, 7 needle sticks, and 1 chest xray... we were told to keep an eye on everything and if anything increases to call or go to ER.

Well Saturday morning brought a bit of concern....Mason wasn't any better but not really worse either. So we made an appt for 2pm to get him checked again by the NICU nurse. Well they were concerned so I called Dr. Nelsons office. But since it was the weekend, we got the nurse on call, "go to ER" was what she said. *** Being well educated on Masons heart condition, I feel like I know a lot more than the nurses and Dr.s that see him ( except the cardiologist & Dr. Nelson .. we like them!). So I called the cardiologist ( their practice is at KU Med. about 1.5 hours away from us) she said he should be seen and take him to er. So off we went.

We get to Stormont-Vail , scare the check in lady ( she asked why we were there to be seen...our reply "heart failure & respiratory distress", We get rushed right back to a room , there is 7 drs/nurses in the room and they start working on him. (VERY SCARY) The put him on oxygen ( Big no no, with his heart condition oxygen sats in the 80s-70s are normal for him) and that made his lungs fill up with fluid more and the KU cardiologist had to call & tell them NOT to give him oxygen. After a blood draw, IV, chest x ray (again) we got some news....They were transferring Mason to KU Med. So into an ambulance we went and off to Kansas City at 10pm at night. We were greeted by a pediatric team that immediately started working on Mason. He was stabilized and started on meds.

We finally got to go home yesterday late afternoon. Mason is now on 2 meds. One to pull fluid off his lungs and from around his heart. The other is to help pump his heart stronger. So now we watch him closely and will adjust his meds accordingly.

He will get worse before his surgery
Surgery is still set for September.

Prayers are needed for Masons health. That his heart does the best it can till surgery is needed. and that God gives Mason's Dr.s the guidance needed to treat Mason.

Getting the news we could go home!

Sleeping with mommy


  1. How scary this must be for you. Continued prayers for beautiful Mason, your family and his doctors.

  2. I am keeping you and your beautiful family in my prayers.

  3. We are, and will be, praying for Mason, and all of you.

  4. Continuing to pray for your sweet boy. This must be incredibly scary for you, it happened so fast :( I hate the ER. My daughter was born with kidney issues, and I too felt better educated on her condition than alot of the docs/medical staff we encountered, and the ER was definitely a frustrating place to go.

  5. Oh no :( Many prayers that Mason feels better and that he does okay until his surgery!

  6. Mason is such a beautiful little boy! Sending prayers that he feels better and stays strong until his surgery.

  7. (((Hugs))) and prayers for Mason! and for you! I know what you are going through and it will be scary for a while, but it will pass and he will be better once his heart is fixed.

  8. Poor little guy. I remember those very stressful days. Now Calvin is 100% A-OK! It is hard to watch them suffer with a poor heart. I have a hard time remember it though, and you will too.


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