Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amnio reduction procedure yesterday...

Yesterday I had an amnio reduction procedure done. The procedure was done because my amniotic fluid is off the charts! My fluid level should be at 12 at the most. Last wed my fluid was 26. yeah.....not good. Then we went in on Monday to find my fluid is now almost 30 (in 5days).

The procedure is pretty simple. We started out with a sonogram (love sneaking another peek at Mason) and sweet Terri got some good 3d pics of Mason's face. She measured the fluid and then found the best place to remove the fluid. Then Dr. Evans came in and set up the area. ***this procedure is very similar to a amniocentesis (except they take a lot more out***. Then the procedure started. Dr. E inserted a long needle all the way to my uterus. Then he has to "pop" through the uterus (worst part). Then he starts draining the fluid off. I laid really still as not to move the needle. Mason must of known to sit still also because he didn't move much the whole time..except when he tried to grab the needle!! After about 25min later they were finished and removed the needle.

Terri then monitored Mason for a bit after wards. She measured the fluid levels again and said we went from almost 30 to 20. Still off the charts but I feel SO MUCH BETTER. My belly is actually smaller!! And if you have seen my belly recently...you would have thought I could deliver any day! Yes it was that big.

I went home afterwards and took it easy the rest of the day. Cory made us dinner and took care of Colby so I could rest. And rest I did...until Colby woke up sick at 1am ....back to the real world for me!

So for the recap:
Mason still looks good on the sono.
My belly is smaller (YAY!!)
Cory is a great husband
Colby is sick (booo)
and now Mommy needs a nap

Thank you again for all the prayers we are still receiving! It amazes me everyday how many people are praying for our Mason. It is just truly humbling to realize that so many people love your child and pray for his well being.

Thank you again

Here is little Mason's face. To the right is placenta ...not the hygroma

Thank you Jody for the ever so special donation in Mason's name. You are truly a special woman. May God bless you and keep you in his care. (hold that little girl tight)

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  1. I am praying for you, Mason and your family.


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