Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fears for Mason

After we got the diagnosis of down syndrome, we were crushed. Everyone kept telling us everything will be ok. That Mason will just be "extra special". But there are several worries that have been running through my head....

Will others accept Mason?

Will others not think he is worth as much as normal children?

Will others only see his down syndrome , not his personality?

Will others think he is not as beautiful as normal babies?

Will they celebrate his birth?”

Will people feel uncomfortable around him?

Will people only feel sorry for us, and not share in our joy?

Will others avoid us?

I worry about how the world will accept Mason. But even more I worry about keeping him safe and praying he is born as healthy as possible.

Then I start to worry about the medical side of things...

Will Mason live?

Will the hygroma shrink or will he need surgery for that also?

How soon would he need heart surgery?

Is he strong enough for all the surgeries?

How long will he be in the NICU?

Our life is so full of un answered questions... but God will answer them one by one.

I wanted to share something....
The week we found out about Mason' condition, we went to church that Sunday. In our church bulletin was the January Focus on the Family insert. The front tittle was "Trusting in God's Faithfullness" (oh how God speaks to us). On the very back of the pamplet was this saying....

"Whenever God creates a person, He creates a new soul, a new person who never existed before. Babies do not live in heaven waiting to be born here on earth. The Bible teaches that God forms each one of us inside our mother's womb. Every baby-- even on that is not yet born -- is one of God's precious creations"

This piece of paper is now posted on our refrigerator....to remind us daily....that Mason is here for a reason.

*** Since we got so many praying for Mason, I wanted to ask for an extra prayer... I have another young mother who I have been writing back and forth to. She and her husband just found out that they are expecting a little girl with down syndrome also. She is due a week before Mason. So I ask for an extra prayer for Jessica and her family....thank you*****


  1. Meagan,

    I watched this movie the other day and thought it would help you.

    I love the way they look at it as "UP" not "DOWN" syndrome. I will continue my prayers for your family and your friends. Stay strong sweetie!

  2. There will always be worries and concerns and doubts. What a beautiful daily reminder of God's faithfulness. Continued prayers!

  3. Meagan,

    Thank you so much for helping spread the news for us. No matter who the prayers come from, we all need them and they are greatly appreciated! We will keep in touch!

  4. As a parent, whether our children have extra needs or not, we all worry about the same things especially in this day and age.
    I understand all your thoughts and fears. I have thought them and more with regards to my son, while he doesn't have Down's syndrome has a form of dwarfism and he is definitely different from those around him. I have found that people respond to his personality and treat him like Ian.

    I also understand your fears on the medical side of things as well. Ian was born at 27 weeks due to HELLP and was 1 lb and 8 oz and he beat the odds that were against him and is 5 today. The NICU journey is a wild rollercoaster and I know that God was(and still is) watching over him and his angels were (and still are) working overtime with him. The NICU part is hard because as a parent we have to let complete strangers care for our baby and it is hard to let go of that control over our child. If you have questions about NICU or ever just need to vent to another NICU mom, I'm here.

    Hang in there and as hard as it is(I struggle with this everyday), try not to focus on what could happen do far in the future as regarding to what your first section of thoughts are about. Mason is a child of God and God does NOT make mistakes. All children are perfect in God's eyes and their parents. Mason is one lucky little boy to have been blessed with the family that he has.


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