Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here for a reason

I truly believe that Mason is here for a reason.

That God put him in our lives to do something great.

I sit back and think about all the lives my tiny little boy has touched...and all I can do is cry. We are ever so humbled by the amount of people we have praying for our Mason. To think he has "done" so much already while still in my honestly amazes me.

Mommy is so proud of you little boy.

My love for this tiny baby is more than I ever knew possible. Before getting pregnant with Mason, I wasnt sure how I could love another child as much as we love Colby. Everyone said..."You just do"... and they were right. I would do anything for Mason, just like I would do anything for Colby.

Before Mason's diagnoses, I lived life like nothing bad would ever happen to us.
I lived in a bubble (believe me, just ask Cory)
I NEVER thought some thing like "this" would happen to people like us. It never even crossed my mind something could be wrong with Mason. I was blissfully unaware that God had other plans for us.

I keep having people tell me "you so strong".....NO..NO I AM NOT!
This is not something I am handling well.
I breakdown all the time.
I cry, I worry, I pray.
Then I open my eyes and see my sweet Colby. Yes, my 20 month old beautiful son. The little boy who hugs and kisses my belly every day, who points to my belly and says" bub er & A son, yes he is who God gave me to get me through each day. To see the pureness in life. He is my sunshine through my clouds.

So yes, I believe that not just Mason is here for a reason, but that God has a reason for our whole lives.
For I ,Cory,Colby, and a family.
He strengthens us each day.


  1. I remember when Kaitlynn was diagnosed with cancer, and Kipp was my little ray of sunshine. He was only 2, but he could tell when Mom needed a smile. He would do something funny, laugh out loud, then cuddle with me... Colby reminds me of that comfort.

  2. You may not see your strength, but it shines through loud and clear to the rest of the world. I would imagine especially your ray of sunshine, Colby. Breaking down doesn't make you weak, but the fact that you get back up does make you strong. GOD bless.

  3. My daughter follows your blog and told me about it' so i just read the whole thing.

    Your story and your son have touched me deeply today, and even if we don't meet in this life, I look forward to rejoicing in Heaven with you and your family one day and telling you how you impacted my life. God is good.... And He truly gives us what we need when we need it.


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