Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Busy Week Ahead...

We have one VERY BUSY week ahead of us....and not all of it will be the "FUN" kind of busy.

Our week is going to look like this:

Monday (today): Dr. Evan @ 8:45 am for an amnio reduction (removing amnio fluid from my 40+wk size belly). The procedure was not fun, but it is necessary. It took about 30min to drain the fluid, then im monitored for another 30min to check Mason's heart rate and contractions. This time hurt alot worse than last time. I was having contractions while they did the procedure, well that made my uterus thicker than normal, and that made Dr. E move the needle sideways...IN MY BELLY! But its over now and Im resting. Cory will be making us a yummy dinner while I stay off my feet!

Tues: Reg check-up with Dr. Gleason. Well...we pray its just a regular check up.

Wed: (fun day) We were blessed with a very kind offer from Dennis & Cindy at 4d ultrasound. We had our "sneak & peek" appointment with them in early December...before we knew of Mason's diagnosis. It was a WONDERFUL experience and we were so well taken care of by Dennis & Cindy. We had planned to do another ultrasound at 26wk to do some 3d/4d viewing of Mason....but then in Jan we found out about Mason. So I contacted Dennis to tell him we wouldn't be coming to our next appointment (with all of our Dr. appointments....were trying to save money for unforeseen costs.) Dennis quickly replied back that they were very sorry to hear about Mason's conditions, and they would still like for us to come in. It is ever so kind of them to offer this for us. Im so excited to get to "see" Mason. While we have a lot of ultrasounds, they are always "all business" not just for fun! We will have my parents, Cory's parents, and Cory's grandparents there with us. (Stay tuned for some new sono pics of Mason!)

Friday: ultrasound with Dr. Gleason to check on Mason. Praying this sonogram goes as well as the last one!

So that is our week.....Crazy.... but that is our life right now. We are just "chuggin along".

Thank you for your continued prayers for Mason!


  1. Please keep us posted, even if it's just a couple lines, we continue praying for you!

  2. Keeping you in my prayers for a positive week and I hope you and your families can enjoy a little peek at your beautiful boy!


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