Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amnio is done....Now we wait.

We had an amniocentesis done yesterday afternoon to test to see if Mason has a chromosome defect. There are risks in having this test done...but we felt like we needed to know. The amnio went fairly smoothly and wasnt too big of a deal. God still lets the sun shine on us during our hard times...During the amnio, Mason kept sticking his little bottom right were they wanted to put the needle, made me smile. We are having the FISH test done and will know if Mason has DS by Wed. After the amnio, we went home and I rested. Dinner was provided by my sister in law that night and I really had a chance to relax. My heart needed to relax for a bit. Colby and Cory played on the floor while I sat on the couch. All I could do was wonder...Will Mason get to do this? Will he get to know how much we love him? How much fun it is to play with daddy or help mommy in the kitchen?

Right now my mind is still full of many questions, many that I cant answer. We been praying not only for Mason, but for peace and strength for Cory & I. We are going to church tomorrow. We were asked if we were ok with coming to the front of the church (we go to a smaller church) on Sunday and be prayed over for Mason. I want the prayers for Mason so badly...but the thought of the announcement of what is going on with Mason, just brings more of a reality that this is really happening to us. This really is happening.


  1. I am a fellow bumpie and wanted you to know that I am praying for your little Mason and for the rest of your family. I am so sorry that you all are going through this.

  2. I have followed your journey through Bump as well. I am praying for a miracle for little Mason as well as peace and comfort for you and your husband.


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