Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little signs from GOD.

Yesterday I decided to go to the library to see if they had any books on Down Syndrome. We really don't know very much about DS and I thought that maybe there was a book out there that would give Cory and I some insight on DS.

I bundled up Colby (he love the library) and loaded him in the car. We got to the library and hurried in. (Its pretty darn cold here right now). We walked over the the children s area so Colby could look at some books and play. I wandered around to parenting section. It happens to be right beside the play area. (Many a times I have considered grabbing a few of these said parenting book and handing them to a few parents! You know ..the ones who don't watch their child in public places..rather they are on their I phone.) I was lucky today ... no other kids! I browsed the "Parenting shelf". There were 2 separate book categories. There was the "how to get your child to eat veggies" and " How to potty train your toddler" section. Then there is the " Rasing a child with Cystic Fibrosis" and " Down Syndrome: Dealing with Trisomy 21". I wanted so badly to be in the "eat your veggies" section. But there I stood. In front of the books I didn't want to read. All the covers on the "Eat your veggies" books were all colorful and happy. The section I stood in front of were all gray and gloomy looking. Just how I was feeling. I looked at a few books. I finally decided on a book and a DVD. The book is "Babies with Down Syndrome" and the movies is "Down syndrome : The first 18 months". I quietly put these two in our book bag, right next to the colorful, happy books Colby had picked out. Even in the bag , those books looked sad and gloomy next to the "happy books". We headed to check out and then loaded into the car.

I get home and ate lunch with Colbs. When we finished , I got him ready for nap time. We got snuggled on the couch and I put in the movie we had gotten at the library (Down syndrome: Birth - 18 mo). I pressed play and the movie starts. On the screen pops some baby photos of a little blonde boy. The photos range from birth to about a year. The little boy looked so happy, always smiling. I had to smile...that little boy looked like he could be Colby's brother. Same white blonde hair and big blue eyes. The photos ended on the smiling little boy...and then God showed me all would be ok. At the end of the photos these words appear on the screen...."FOR MASON". I paused the DVD and cried. At that point I knew we would be ok. Im not saying this is going to be easy..just that in the end.. we will be ok.

It just goes to show us that God really does know what he is doing. Mason will be fine, We will be fine. God will get us through, and though there will be tears and pain, in the end we will be just fine.


  1. What a great sign - it will be ok!

  2. Wow that gave me chills! God is amazing that way! Thinking and praying for you and your beautiful Mason! He is so lucky to have a mommy who loves him that much!

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  4. WOW We definitely have an awesome God, who looks after us all the time!
    A fave verse of mine is
    "Be still, and know that I am God"!

  5. I've rarely cried over a blog post, but now here I am trying to leave for work with my mascara running. This is truly a sign from God that He will not give you more than you can handle. There's already so much love for Mason!

    Praying for you in TX.

  6. Wow! This is truly a sign from God! I am crying and have chill bumps. We looked for signs all over when we found out about our DD having Ds that it would be ok. We got ours too! Hugs to you!

    (soontobeahigh from the bump)


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