Friday, January 21, 2011



This word has been mentioned to us several time in the last few weeks. We legally had to be told of our "options".

For us...Termination NOT an option.

Mason is OUR MASON. We are his protectors. We are his advocates. He doesn't have a voice we are his voice.

We have been reminded of our options several times...and each time it hurts. This is not our choice to be made.

I found these statistics:
Rate of termination for babies with down syndrome- 93%
Rate of termination for babies with cystic hygroma- 98%
Babies that have a cystic hygroma & a chromosome defect- only 6.6% have downs syndrome

We have found out recently that the rate of survival for a baby with a cystic hygroma is about 15-20%.
The survival rate for a baby with a cystic hygroma, chromosome defect (downs), and a cardiac defect is almost 0%.

We are on "high alert" for the next 8wks. Between now and 30wks is a critical time frame for Mason to make it through. During the next 8wk...My body will start doing less and his body will start doing more. The main concern is the fluid is already building up on his head and neck..and that is with my body doing all the work.

But our Mason is a fighter.

We are De-Termined to do all that we can for our little boy.

We are doing a March of Dimes: March for Babies walk in April in Masons name. Our team name is Hope for Mason. The name seems fitting since we all have hope for Mason. I have been so humbled by how many people are going to walk in Masons name and all that are setting up fundraisers in Masons name also.
I am so proud to be his mommy.

I invite you to join Masons cause and donate in his name.

Thank you again for all the prayers and support.


  1. Stay strong, Mrs B!! Termination was never (and would never) be an option for us, either. God has a plan and we have always said the same thing you are: we'd be our little guy's advocate and the best parents we can be! Something could happen once a child is born and you certainly wouldn't consider euthanizing them :( I'm behind you, lady!! God bless.

  2. May you and your husband be blessed for your love and care of Mason. Your testimony and advocacy on Mason's behalf is a powerful witness. My very best to you and your husband.

  3. I clicked over here from the bump and read your story, and I want you to know that your faith inspires me. God is in control and even though we may never know why he allows somethings to happen, he does have a plan for our lives(Jer. 29:11). I lost my first baby, and Im sure the unknown that you are going through is horrible and hard right now, but even if you dont get to meet Mason here, You will get to spend eternity with your perfect little boy! And if you meet Mason here or in heaven, he will know that you loved him and advocated for him and that you are awesome parents. God bless you, I will be praying for you & your family.

  4. Hang in there Meagan and Cory! You are right, God does have a plan. I think you have made the right decision, and I agree termination is not an option. I have told you before how strong I think you are, and how impressed I am by the way you are dealing with everything that is coming your way.
    Love you!
    Aunt Sharon

  5. Meagan, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Mason, and your precious family. You are an inspiration and I truly believe God is in control, I believe he picked you to have this precious little boy becuase no matter what the outcome he knew you would not be silent about Masons purpose...what a wonderful testimony this little one has! And what a blessing that his parents are not silent about sharing it. Praying for you all..

  6. We recently went through the same thing you are going through now. Well about 12 weeks ago we found out our son has DS. He is due the first week in April. We went back and forth with the thought of termination..It just made us sick to even think about! Everything gets better!!!

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