Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hopes for the future

If you would have asked me a few years ago , when Colby was born, what my hopes were for his future... I would have said the "normal parent" answer. That answer would in tell something along the lines of ....

Go to a good college
Find a good job
Find true love
Be a good person
Be a man of GOD
Be happy
Get married
Have a few kids...ect

Those and a few others are my hopes for Colby's future.

I would pray over Colby each night, asking God to watch over him , guide him , protect him, and help raise him to be the best he can be. To follow Gods path for him and let our faith in God be a guide for him.

Now since Mason has arrived, I have another little boy to pray over at night. But my prayers are very different for Mason. My prayers for Mason seem to last a bit longer ( trying to fit in all my gratefulness for him being here and our concerns for this upcoming surgery) I always start off with thanking God that Mason is here & healthy and then pray about what it to come. I still pray the same part about God watching, guiding, and protecting him ...just like I do for Colby.

Last night after the boys were tucked in their beds, I started thinking about what I would want for their future. While doing this, a bit of sadness fell over me. I realized my hopes for Mason wouldn't be the same as Colby's. We have always said that Mason will do everything he wants...just like any other child...just in his own time. But then it hit me, like a ton of bricks. Mason's future wont be like Colbys. No matter how hard we try , there are just some things he wont do.
So in turn, my hopes for Mason's future is this

I want him to be happy.
I want him to talk.
I want him to walk
I want him to be a good person
I want him to be healthy
I want him to be able to live independently.

Then there are things that still sting...know Mason might not be able to do.

Get married
Have kids
live past his 60s

Yes, it makes me sad to think Mason may not do the same things as Colby. But we realize that Mason is such a blessing to matter what he does in life. We are proud of him. We will support him in all he does...and help him strive to accomplish anything he wants.

We have Mason's first Early Intervention evaluation tomorrow afternoon. Im very anxious about this evaluation. So far we have yet to "chart him" on his development (besides Dr. Nelson his pediatrician, and from her standpoint his is right on track, beside a bit of a neck control.) Now with having him evaluated...the will "chart him" and we will know where they place him developmentally. But were excited to get his therapy started and get him on the best track in life!

"These little hands will
grow up to be
big and strong and
helpful, you see.

These teeny-tiny little toes
will carry this body
that grows and grows.

This precious, sweet and
radiant smile
will help me go the
extra mile.

And deep inside, a
soul and heart
destined to be
special from the start"


  1. I have been reading every time you post something about Mason. This really hit home for me.the moment I found out I was pregnant I started thinking about my little guys future. Everything does change when you hear the words something might be wrong. My son has autism and I cries like no other the day his dr said it. but I wil never give up on my little bear and the early intervension is the best. If it werent for that I dont know how things would be. Just dont ever give up on little Mason. He will do so many great things!!!! Best of luck for the future

  2. Have you seen this? It is a neat documentary...

  3. I hope to not offend you in any way and hope to just give you hope.... but some people with downs live independently, get married, and have children. I think only time will tell with how he develops but don't rule it out now that he won't ever find someone he loves and that loves him. He is quite a handsome little guy so have some faith. Also again, everyone is different, but it isn't rare to live past 70 anymore with just Downs, I am not sure how his heart condition will come into factor here though.

    I am sure all in all God's will will be done in his life and he is off to a great start with all the support he has from everybody in his life.

  4. But no matter what, God will bless you...and MASON will bless you, for letting him come into this world against all odds. Our worth does not, and never will come from (no matter what the culture says) what we can accomplish or what we can produce. Our worth comes from our identity as children of God. And little ones such as Mason are the most precious in His sight :). God bless you all!


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