Friday, August 12, 2011


After scouring for things ( mats, toys, ect) to help mason strengthen his neck and overall muscle tone... I have found 2 things that I think will help Mason.

First up is the product that was suggested to me by several other DS moms when I asked what worked best for their child.

Wingbo – Tummy Time Swing
Wingbo is a special and truly unique product which appeals to all babies in particular those with special needs.

Second is the Tumzee – Tummy Time Baby Seat***Update : Tumzee has been purchased! Thank you to the 2 lovely ladies who got it for him*****

and lastly.... I was told Mason needs an Ipad. NO JOKE. Apparently there are lots of benefits and learning tools & apps that are beneficial for Mason .....Im not quite sold on that one.

Next step is to win the lottery so we can purchase all of these right away! Ha ha! But seriously...Im going to figure out some way to buy them all!!

Also were sending out a prayer for Jonah... Praying he starts to gain weight as so not to have a feeding tube put in. (His Dad said he is healing well after surgery...just needs to start gaining weight again)

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